February 9, 2018
By srbb5538 SILVER, Birmingham, Michigan
srbb5538 SILVER, Birmingham, Michigan
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"In the long run we're all dead"

Her fingers drum absentmindedly against the steering wheel in time with the radio. She doesn’t know what song is playing- and she doesn’t care. In a world all her own, she and her car travel through the city streets- wandering. She exists only as a shadow, passing from street light to street light- disappearing into the darkness of the moonless night. Alone, completely alone. No one, nothing, can bother her here. Her brain on autopilot as she cruises down familiar streets- scenery so typical to her it doesn’t occur to her brain to give it a second thought- she can let her brain be empty. Where is she going, and why? It doesn’t matter, round and round and round she goes, through the town she’s known forever. Soon she’ll return to her home and find her way to her bed, where she’ll wake up in the morning and not have another moment to herself until she sleeps again. But right now, everything is paused, and she revels in it.

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