Love Gone Wrong

February 9, 2018
By GabrielMacrea BRONZE, Hensdersonville, Tennessee
GabrielMacrea BRONZE, Hensdersonville, Tennessee
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Love, is what many people call it when it comes to falling for someone or even enjoying that person's company. It's a magical bond with someone that either strengthens or weakens depending on the relationship, but it's not just feelings that can be hurt when it comes to love. Many relationships come and go but certain ones are never forgotten. They say love can make people do things you would never think of, but for seventeen-year-old Jacob Howard this was just the begging of the hell he would have to go through to escape what we all know as love.   

Jacob was a very known kid for his comedy and smart remarks but wasn't looked down on or disliked. He had many friends and would get anyone's back if they had his, but he was a quiet kid and loved to read and keep to himself. Jacob never really thought of dating or loving until he found his eyes on beautiful girl in his science class. The year went on and Jacob still couldn’t keep his eyes off of her and decided to introduce himself. Jacob would later learn her name and become very close friends with her, but only if he knew the trap he was walking into. Anna Baker, was her name a tall, blonde haired girl that was very liked and well known of. Jacob and Anna eventually fell for each other and later decided to become a couple, which rocketed throughout the school since they were both well known. They would go on to date for almost a year before Jacob started to notice something. Anna was always with Jacob even after school since they lived right down the street from each other and were never seen apart. Jacob started to want time to himself to game or hang with his guy friends, so he goes to change plans with her. "Hey Anna, I just wanted to let you know that I'm hanging with the guys tonight I'll be free tomorrow" Jacob said; it wasn't always hanging out with Anna that made Jacob notice this but the reply she sent him is what showed him a pinch of the nightmare he was about to face. "You can't leave me Jacob even if you try I'll always be here". Jacob was confused and honestly scared of this reply and didn’t know what to say so he just blew it off and went out for the night. 

Jacob would go on to try to forget about the weird text and continue his relationship with Anna without asking any questions about it. Anna was a very odd girl at times to either read or understand but her looks seemed to distract people from the cruse inside. Jacob later that year would go on a family trip to California and stayed there for two weeks. This angered Anna and caused her to rant to her mother about her boyfriend. Annas mother was a very back stabbing type of person and wasn't known to be trusted but for Anna and Jacob this was the start. Her name was Elizabeth and was a single mother raising three kids, she was left by her husband because he had cheated on her which obviously caused Elizabeth to hate him.  For some reason Jacob remined Elizabeth of her ex-husband which made her have an inner anger that was only shown through Anna. While Jacob was on his trip, Anna knew she didn’t have her arm around him, in other words control. This worried her and not having much trust for her boyfriend made it worse, but Elizabeth saw this and instead of being there for her daughter she used her depression as a weapon. Elizabeth would tell her daughter that Jacob was most likely cheating and flirting with many girls to anger Anna to the point where she would go off on him and even harm herself. Elizabeth knew this would get to Jacob and hurt him which made her happy and give the feeling of hurting her ex-husband. Elizabeth would go on to do this then stopped to sit back and watch the fire spread all over the relationship her daughter and Jacob created.

While Jacob was in California he was arguing over the phone with Anna trying to convince her that he was innocent and not cheating on her. This was ripping Jacob to shreds knowing he was being accused by Anna and her mother and knowing that his love was hurting. Jacob knew he couldn't handle it anymore and his parents noticed this and have been watching him suffer. Jacobs parents ended the relationship and told Jacob to break up with her, he would later do the unthinkable and break up with Anna while still in California. Jacob would now think it's all over and he can finally breath; he wasn't mad at his parents because he knew he wanted to leave but needed the extra push. But for the Howard family this was just the begging of the corrupted love of Anna Baker. While Jacob and his family were in California enjoying the trip; Anna lost control and only followed the anger she had for Jacob. She would go to break into the Howards house and stay there for the rest of their trip. She would sleep in his bed wear his clothes and live in their house while she told Jacob every bit of what she was doing. Anna couldn’t handle losing Jacob, so she would stay in his room, and she would text Jacob threats of breaking his personal items or even harming his animals and herself. Jacob was full of fear and depression for the rest of that trip that seemed to go on forever. It was a Saturday; they got back from their trip and pulled up to the house.

Everyone was worried for their house, animals, and items. The Howard family walked in all holding their breaths expecting the worse but found nothing messed up. The animals were okay, and nothing was damaged, but when Jacob ran up to his room there was nothing but a gift bag on his table. He opened it and pulled out a couple of notes and pictures of him and Anna; the notes saying things like “I love you and I’ll miss you’ and some saying, ‘I’m sorry’. Jacob sat there looking at the pictures and began to cry as his mother walked up to comfort him. School would start again, and he would have to see her again; Anna Baker just as beautiful as she was the first time he saw her. Jacob had now seen what she hides inside, and try to stay as far away as he possibly can. The weirdest part for Jacob was she acted like all that never happened, and when she saw him she hugged and went to hold his hand. Jacob would pull away and remind her that they broke up. Anna already turned everyone against Jacob even all his friends and she would spread things and even pulled the school into it say Jacob was harassing her. Jacob knew that it seemed every time he thought it was done something worse would happen involving Anna. Jacob Howard knew it had to be stopped and went up to confront her and snapped. He told her how he felt and how she was crazy and told her to leave him alone. The beautiful and damned Anna Baker only said one thing back. “You can’t leave me Jacob, even if you try I’ll always be here”.

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