The New Life Tree

February 13, 2018
By Ta’Seria BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Ta’Seria BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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1,842 years ago, The New Life Tree was discovered by a woman named Daliah Ashton. At the time of her discovery, she was traveling across the country of Talia. Ever since she encountered the tree, she has had a new outlook on life. This is how it came to be.

In the summer of of July 17th, 2042, Daliah was sitting in her living room reading a novel about marriage. She felt that she was losing the spark between her and her husband. For about an hour so, she was reading until he arrived home. When he entered the house, he put his things on the table, smiled at Daliah, headed to the refrigerator and sat on the couch.
Daliah didn’t feel loved or appreciated by her husband, Christopher, who wasn’t showing her any attention for over the year. The only time she ever felt some respect and love was on March 4th, their anniversary. Even then, her happiness only lasted half of the day.
One thing she grieved the most was not being able to have any children. Daliah approached her husband about the unfortunate news and he was devastated. When she suggested adopting, Christopher always replied that they wouldn’t be a real family. Of course she disagreed with him and hoped that he would soon have a change of heart in the near future.
For the rest of night she laid on the bed thinking of something to bring her happiness. After a good 30 mins of searching the internet, she thought of the idea to go out of the country. Farooka was a nice place and all, but Daliah wanted something more. She came across the country of Talia and that’s when her journey began.
2 weeks later, it was the day of her flight. She had packed her bags and was waiting for her neighbor, Debra, to take her to the airport. It was 5 o’clock and her husband had just arrived home. Of course Christopher was confused on why she had her things packed. Daliah explained to him that she needed a change and would be gone for a couple weeks.
It took some minutes for him to understand why she was leaving, and the first thing he said was, “Are you done with me?” At first Daliah didn’t know what to say, but after a long pause of silence, she responded, “No, I.. I don’t know yet.”
With that she got the text from her neighbor and left.
It was about an hour drive to the airport, she and Debra had small talk and listened to music. In no time, they arrived at the airport. Daliah thanked her and went inside for her flight.
When she finally boarded the plane, friendly flight attendants greeted her and escorted her to her seat. Daliah put her small bag overhead of her seat and sat down exhausted. She laid her head back and fell asleep and didn’t wake till the plane met the country of Talia.
After about an 6 hour flight, the plane landed. Talia was a beautiful, tropical looking place. She enjoyed the scenery and couldn’t wait to explore. Daliah called a taxi and was on her way to a hotel. The driver was very friendly and talkative, with that they both enjoyed a long conversation to her destination.
Daliah arrived to a hotel called 7 Days. She exited the car and entered the hotel with the help of a porter. He escorted her to the room and she tipped him when he brought everything up. In Talia it was going on 10 o’clock and Daliah didn’t know what to do right away so she just decided to sleep.
  The next day a knock on her door woke her up from her sleep. Daliah was walking towards the door when she saw a piece of paper slip under. Written it was an address and the words, “Come visit me and see what surprise is in stored for you.” At first Daliah was skeptical and didn’t want to go, but then she realized the reason she came to Talia, for happiness! This was the beginning of an exciting adventure.
Right now Daliah was in the city of Lapora and state of Shetia. Luckily, the address was only about 15 mins from where she was. So, seeking adventure she called a taxi and went to find out what this mystery location was. She was ready to
Upon arrival she encountered a beautiful garden with many bright colors. There were various types of trees and flowers. Daliah was amazed and couldn’t ask for a better sight. She walked down the stone path which led to a waterfall, and met an old face. The taxi driver who picked her up from the airport!
His name was Carl, and it made Daliah somewhat uncomfortable that he was here. She asked him, “Were you the one that left me that note?” He said not a word and vanished into the crowded streets of Lapora. Now she was a little frightened. But enjoying the garden, she walked around admiring the art and beauty of it. From the corner of her eye, she spotted a very large tree.
Daliah got out her phone and took a picture of it. To her the tree was so beautiful that she made it her lock screen. The texture of the tree wasn’t even rough, but smooth. Someone had been taking care of it she thought. After examining the tree for a while she sat down in front of it and sighed. So many thoughts went through her mind, she just needed a break.
Suddenly Daliah drifted off into a deep sleep. She dreamed of sitting up in the magnificent tree and singing to herself. People walked pass appreciating the garden such as she did and took pictures with their family. That made her think of her husband and she began crying, wanting a family herself.
Daliah then woke up out of her sleep laying in a bed, not the hotel bed, her bed! Had Lapora been an actual dream the whole time? Was she crazy? She checked her phone to look at the time, and she discovered it wasn’t a dream. The picture of the large and beautiful tree was still there. How?
Confused, Daliah went downstairs to hear her husband cooking breakfast. Distracted by the tree as her wallpaper, she didn’t notice it was 7am. She was shocked and greeted her husband with surprise. Christopher turned around and didn’t just smile, but replied, “Good morning honey!” Daliah went to sit down at the table and tried to piece together what was happening. That’s when something remarkable happened.
Christopher asked Daliah, “How many children do you want to adopt?” Daliah broke down into tears. Her life had just change drastically, she didn’t care how or why, she was just happy that it did. Daliah went to embrace him to warmly as he said to her, “I love you.” With that she responded, “I love you too.” That adventure is exactly what she needed.
As life went on, they ended up adopting 3 children. Every night that he came home he hugged and told Daliah he loved her. Life couldn’t have been any better for her or their family. Now every day she can look at that beautiful tree and her beautiful family.

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