The Life Of A Siamese Cat

February 12, 2018
By kyartz_123 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
kyartz_123 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Hello, my name is Charlotte. I have pearly white fur with a jet black face and paws. If you couldn't tell, I get whatever I want whenever I want. I practically rule the house! I usually prefer french vanilla creamer to drink instead of milk, but this morning my human places my solid gold bowl in front of me full of milk. Boring old milk. I meow and meow demanding for a more divine option until my human snatches it up again. About 30 seconds later she places down my bowl of vanilla creamer along with a dish of smoked salmon with cream cheese on the side. After I slowly enjoy my creamer and salmon I prance of to go into my most favorite room of all: The childrens room! This is my favorite room because it is covered in soft silky blankets and lots of hiding places. I notice two of the little pests sitting and staring at the t.v. I can see the t.v melting their brains as they watch some ridiculous show about talking animals. I decided to have a little bit of siamese cat fun. I quietly make my move and start to sneak behind the chair the children are sitting near. Finally it's time for me to get my revenge endlessly dressing me up in pathetic dresses. I sneak behind the tallest one ( wich happened to be the biggest) and made my move. I pounced on the back of him making the loudest and scariest growl I could muscle up from inside. I heard the screams of the three children and it was music to my ears. I giggle to myself as they run away in fear. Take that humans!I guess this is the revenge of the siamese cat! Meow!

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