Jenny the young star

February 14, 2018
By DaishiaBailey BRONZE, Malakoff, Tx, Texas
DaishiaBailey BRONZE, Malakoff, Tx, Texas
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Once, a young girl named Jenny was the most happiest girl to ever live. It was just Jenny and her mom living together. She has never seen or hear from her father. Jenny’s mom said,”He was a bad man, so I left to keep you safe and happy.” When, Jenny was little she would always cry, no telling why she did but she did. Jenny’s mom would come in there every single night and would sing her back to sleep. The song went,“Momma’s here to wipe your tears, momma will always love you forever and ever.
Three years have passed by. Jenny is now 7 years old. Jenny and her mother would sing together all the time,“Momma I want to be a star when I get older, I love to sing,” said Jenny. “I believe that you will make it out of this small town and do more with your life and be a better person,” said Jenny’s mom. One day Jenny was outside of her house and the mail man walked up to Jenny and handed her some mail, more mail then she could even hold in her tiny hands. Jenny hurry’s and takes the mail to her mom. Jenny’s mom starts to go through all the mail that Jenny just gave to her and all they were was bill’s, bill after bill after bill.
Jenny sits there while her mom is going through the mail. Jenny’s mom begins to cry. “Momma why are you crying?” said Jenny. “O it’s nothing babygirl, momma just don’t have enough money to pay for these bills.” said Jenny’s mom. “ It’s gonna be ok momma,” said Jenny as she walks up and hugs her mom. Jenny’s mom is thinking of different ways to pay her bills. “What if I pawned all my rings, t.v.s, and necklaces I have, maybe I will be able to pay some bills.” Jenny’s mom thought to herself. Jenny’s mom gets very depressed, scared, mad, and worried about how shes gonna take care of poor young Jenny. Jenny’s mom ends up getting money to pay her bills but next month came around. Once again she had no money and she had nothing else to pawn to get money, so she starts selling drugs. Jenny never knew her mom selled and did drugs.
A year or so has passed and it’s almost Christmas. Jenny and her mom were just sitting around the house drinking hot coco coco and looking outside their window, watching the snowfall on the ground,”Momma do you want to go and play out in the snow,” said Jenny. Well while they were playing outside in the snow, Jenny’s mom begins to feel sick and get weak and it was hard for her to walk. Then out of no where’s Jenny’s mom falls over and stops breathing. Jenny runs over to her moms side, Jenny starts to shake her and yell,”Momma wake up, get up, hello, mom.” Jenny runs inside the house crying. She hurried and picks up the house phone and calls the police. The police shows up to the front of the house and sees a woman on the grounded and a young girl beside her saying,”Momma get up.
They rush Jenny and her mom to the hospital. While Jenny is waiting in the waiting room with a nurse, this lady walks up to Jenny and says,”Hi my name is Alice, I’m your moms sister.” Jenny looks at her in shook and thinks,” My mom doesn’t have a sister.” Alice looks at the nurse and then looks back at Jenny, “Your mom has never told you about me or her brothers,” said Alice. “No ma’am, she really doesn’t talk about her our family to me,” said Jenny. The doctor comes into the waiting. “Mrs.Jackson,” said the doctor. “Yes, well you can call me Alice,” said Alice, The doctor takes off his mask and cap and looks down at the floor. Alice puts her hands over her mouth and mumbles “She can’t be gone.” “We tried everything we could to get her heart to start again, but nothing worked….I’m sorry for your lost.” Alice starts to cry, she looks at me and said everything’s gonna be ok.
A day has passed by, Jenny is living with her new aunt Alice, Alice’s husband, and Alice’s two kids named Jeff and Ricky. Jeff and Ricky are twins, they look so much alike but are very different people. Jeff is the more I don’t care about school, I’m just worried about my music kind of guy. Ricky on the other hand is more of a school rules and I’m gonna grow up to be a successful businessman type guy. They like to argue and fight a lot. “They never know how to shut up,” said Jenny. “Aunt Alice and I don’t hang out lot, she’s always working to try and pay the bills. Her husband can never stay at a job for long bc he doesn’t like to work, he is really lazy so aunt Alice has to work to take care of everyone in the house.” said Jenny.
Alice husband has to watch the kids when she is at work, but he don’t. He always is laying up in the bed sleep or he gets up, he gets dressed, and leave in the car and he doesn’t come back until late at night.”My aunt always wonders where he is at. He doesn’t like to answer his phone when she calls to see where he is at,” said Jenny. One night Alice was calling her husband over and over and over again but he never picked up the phone. He came home one night from a party and was really drunk, he started beating on her, and yelling at her like she was crazy.
Alice, her two kids, and Jenny moved out the house and are living on the side of the road. They made signs for people to help them with food and everything else. Well Alice end up finding a job and got enough money to pay for a little apartment for her and her two kids and Jenny. Jenny would always sing everywhere she went. Jenny would always try and sing her problems, “I love to sing when I’m down or stressed, it helps me calm down.” Said Jenny. One day Jenny was in front of a store trying to rise money to help her aunt Alice out with the bills and food on the table so Jenny would stand in front of stores and sing all day long. This man walks up to Jenny and says,”You have such a pretty voice for a young girl, where’s your parents at?” “ I live with my Aunt and she is on her way to come get me now,” said Jenny.
Jenny and the man stand there and wait for Alice. Alice pulls up and gets out the car, and walks towards Jenny and the man. “Hi I am Josh and I saw this girl in front of the store and her voice is so beatiful.” said the man. Alice looks at him and then turns and looks at Jenny. “Jenny did you tell the nice man thank you,” said Alice. Jenny hurry’s and says thanks to the man and walks over to Alice. “I am a music producer and I have been looks for young,talented, singers as in Jenny. I would love to be your manager and take you under my wing and make Jenny a STAR,”said Josh. Jenny stands there with a big smile on her face and remembers back when she told her mom she wanted to be a star. “Jenny would love to be a star but we don’t have the money,” said Alice. “You wouldn’t have to worry about paying anything, all you have to do is show up and sing for me and a couple of other singers,” said Josh.
Two years have past by and Jenny is a big star. Traveling all over the world, meeting new people, and just living the life she has always wanted to live. And Jenny is rocking out just for her mom.

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