I wish someone told me

February 14, 2018
By LorenKosher BRONZE, Murphy, North Carolina
LorenKosher BRONZE, Murphy, North Carolina
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I wish someone had told me not to fall for a guy like you. I wish someone had told me that you were just like every guy I used to know; I wish I knew about you Josh D before I got attached. The whole story starts when I transferred to Gulling High School this year, I’d lived here since the summer and had made some friends that live on my block. When I walked into homeroom, that's when I first noticed you. You had shaggy brown hair, bright green eyes, and the biggest smile around. It seemed like we were in homeroom for years since I didn’t know anyone in there until you walked up and introduced yourself. I remember everything you asked who I was, where I came from, how I like the school, what classes I had, but I can’t forget that you asked me if you could walk me to class. I honestly thought that was weird, but I said sure anyways. As you walked me to class, I noticed that all the guys were yelling for you, smiling and nodding your head like they knew something no one else did. Well we had gotten to my class, and you were acting nervous which seemed a little weird for how popular you were but then you said it “Can I give you a ride home?” I was so shocked, but I didn’t want to act rude so I just said yes thinking that it would be a fun ride home and just drop me off, I was so wrong. School dismissed, and we walked out to your car together some same guys were yelling again saying ‘atta boy’, ‘what a man’, and ‘go get her’, I never thought anything over it but I should have. Driving to my house we were just talking you told me about you and your life as I told you about mine. I started to trust you the more and more we talked, a bad mistake. When we got to my house, I explained that my parents weren’t going to be home till late tonight and asked if you wanted to come in and talk some more, obviously you said yes like I hoped you would. We went inside and talked in the living room for almost an hour and then you said something I was surprised by “lets go talk in your room”. I was hesitant about what I wanted my answer to be but I said sure anyways. It wasn’t but 10 minutes in my room before you started to kiss me more and more, I’m sure you can guess what happened next. After that we talked for another 30 minutes before you had to go, but before you left, you said that you won’t forget it. I was shocked by what you said I thought you would have said I’ll see you tomorrow or we should hang out sometime soon, but you didn’t. At school the next day everyone knew my name Amy, but they didn’t call me that they called me easy Amy and I knew they could only know something from you Josh. I hoped that nothing like this would happen but honestly I could believe you would do this since you’re the popular guy and you could make me think that anything was true especially since I was new and knew nothing about you. One of my friends came over to my house after the worst day of school and I am very thankful for a new friend like Jessica. She told me that all the guys have a contest against each other to see who can “score” the most points, and girls are the points. She said there is a book and you keep score of whos in the lead it’s called the body count book. I can't believe that you earned points off of me, the new girl. I’ve lost all respect for most guys at my school now, so all I have to say to any girl that hasn’t been tricked yet is these 5 words….. Don’t be a body count.

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Based on a true story. 

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