The Swift

January 30, 2018
By HaleyPaz BRONZE, Melbourne Beach, Florida
HaleyPaz BRONZE, Melbourne Beach, Florida
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“Please tell me why I wanted you to be my partner?”. Tommy laughed under his breath while running the street corner, his voice was a hoarse whisper. “Lets see, I’m the best detective on the force, i’ve had twenty two cases solved in two months, and oh, you love me.” I said with a satisfying grin. We have been follow the “Swift” for two months and he’s has killed four people in the past week. We loose him at every chance we get. “We lost him again, again he slips out from under our noses.” Tommy shouts frustratedly. “Don’t worrying we’ll get him, I have to talk to chief but I have a plan.”. I seemed confident, but I had to turn my face to cover the look of worry on my face.


Nine fifty five, thats the time I get home ever day after work. I walk in the door, put my coat on the couch and take a shower. Then I go to bed wake up and at seven o’three, Tommy calls me just to make sure we leave at the same time.


“Don’t you love when we do our amazing walk?”. Tommy said while walking in slow motion, swooshing his freshly combed hair back. “It was cool the first day, but not the second, or third, or fourth , or fif—“. I say before Tommy interrupts me.“Okay ,okay I get it!” He shows me his puppy dog eyes.


Walking into the office, theres so much commotion I can barely hear anything. It all just went into one blob. “Whats going on?” I turned to tommy, while still looking around. He shrugs as if to interpret “ I don't know.”. I walk over, halting to a stop every two seconds so people can pass me, to officer grant. I tapped on her shoulder, she jumped all the way around and shouts “What!”. “Why is everyone freaking out?” I said gesturing to everyone. She looks at me with a face of sorrow. “ Its the Swift, he… he killed three people yesterday.” She mumbled. “What, again? Why does he keep doing this!”. I yelled while running to chief. 


                    “We need to figure out who is doing this!” I can’t get my mind straight, all I want to do is find him. “ Many officers are on this case including you and Tommy. But everytime we get close, he slips through our fingers.” He puts his hand up but stops it before he hits the desk.” Now, tommy said you have a plan?” he ask me with a grim smile. “Yes, and i think it can work…..”

                     “Okay officers, today is the day the Swift, is going down. We will get justice for the innocent lives stolen from there families. You know the plan, queens will not go down with out a fight!”. I raise my fist, shout, and inspire hope in everybody.

          “Tommy. take that entrance, I will watch your back.” I get into position and aim my pistol at the door. I hear a slight voice in my ear. “Stay put, only shoot if you shot at.” Chief says over the intercom. In a matter of three second a window four feet away for me burst open. A body comes soaring threw the air, and slammed into my side. Pushed over the balcony, I try to roll but landed abruptly on side. Hitting the floor, A pain shoots up my leg and sends a shriek out of my throat.” Embers down!”. Tommy says over the intercom. The Swift was running down the stairs and leaps over the balcony. Officer grants sprints and tackles him to the ground. She's trying to takes his gun, but she's a small woman, he's a strong man with body armor. You can tell she's struggling. The swift wriggles out from under her and punches her to the side. But tommy is at him in a flash pointing his gun at him. “Don’t move!” he shouts. “ We have ten other officers on stand by. You shoot me, they shoot you.” Tommy’s hand is shaking, but his voice is booming threw the warehouse. “I’d like to see you try.”. The Swift grumbles in a deep dark tone that send chills up my spine. Tommy stares at the bulk of a man in front him. We have never heard his voice before, now it seems like, he's an actually human being. Instead of a no named vigilante. Tommy snaps out of his ‘trance’ and continues to point his gun. “Grant cuff him.” Judy, or officer Grant, shuffles to her feet and pauses before walking slowly towards the man. She reaches for his hand, but in a blink of an eye the Swift spins around and grabs her gun. Then I hear a gun shot.


“NO!”. I scream so loud my voice cuts out and my throat constricts. The Swift shot Tommy. A bullet came threw his barrel and shot him in the shoulder, nearly centimeters away from his heart. My leg is burning and feels like its being pull off, but a tsunami of adrenaline flood my body. I stand up and I run , dragging my leg, so fast that I could be on two. I stop at Tommy and snatched his gun off the ground. I aim at the man, the man who killed over twenty people, the man who cause tons of people to lose their family, the man who shot Tommy. And I pull the trigger. 

                                                     Three weeks later


“Well looks like we both could have used the training.” I say with the cheesiest   grin ever. “Yeah tell me about it.” Tommy struggles to get a laugh out from inside. He got out of the hospital yesterday, and I have been with him 24/7 since. “Im just glad we caught the guy.” he says while adjusting his pillow. “Oh sorry, I'm glad you caught the guy.” He takes his uninjured shoulder and puts it on my broken leg. “Oh please your the one that almost died.”. I look at him worriedly. “Im fine I promise.” He says reassuring me. “Besides I'm the strongest guy you know.” a smirk comes crossed his face. “Right, well I'm going to go break my other leg now.” I smile.

The author's comments:

I love to write drama and create world people can excape to. I hope people read this joyfully and I hope it inspires them to write their own piece that other people will love.

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