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Grandpa Bilbo and the Bear

January 19, 2018
By Warthog BRONZE, Berkeley, California
Warthog BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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In was a very snowy and cold night up in the Yukon. In a little cabin out in the woods, Grandpa Bilbo sat by the nice warm fire. He was sipping cocoa and looking out at the snow. He was thinking about how his life would have been different if it weren’t for that darn bear. His granddaughter Alice walked by and heard him mumble about the bear.
“What bear?” she asked.
“Bear? How did you know I was thinking about a bear?”
“You were mumbling about a bear”
“O. well I suppose I was”
“I’m all ears”
“Well I guess you're old enough to hear the Bear.”
“Please tell me. I love stories and I love animals.”
“Well ok it all started 50 years ago, up in the woods a little ways north of here. So him and I were going hunting.”
“Who is he?”
“My… my brother
“Wait you have a brother?!? How come I’ve never heard of him?!?”
“It's a sad story and well I’m telling you now. So we were hunting in the woods. We did that a lot back in the good old days. We would catch all sorts of animals. We would catch bevers, elk, deer, porcupines, moose and a lot more. We once even caught a lynx, but that's a different story. This particular day we hadn’t caught much just a small squirrel. Not very impressive. It was starting to get late, so we were going to head back. He said we were supposed to go south. I said we were supposed to go north and he listened to me.” He started to cry. “It’s all my fault why did I tell him to go north”
“It’s ok. You don’t have to cry” she said in a reassuring voice. “Keep going with the story.”
“Well we headed north and… and well it started to get even darker. We assumed that this cabin would be just a little bit farther so we kept going. Eventually we realized we were lost. That's when I realized he was right and we were supposed to go south, but by then we had no idea which way south was because… well I… I lost are compass somehow. I was the one with the compass which is why he assumed I would know which way we should head, but I lost the compass.”
  He started crying again. He cried for a moment, before he continued the story. “So we had no Idea which way to go and it was dark out. We decided we should make a fire and cook the squirrel we caught. So we gathered some wood and found a cave. That was a mistake because in that cave was a mother bear and her cubs. She started roaring like crazy the moment she saw us. We were both very scared because mother bears are very ferocious, so I took my rifle and shot the bear, but because I was panicking I missed and the bullet only grazed the bear’s arm. That only aggravated her even more. I did another wrong thing. I… I abandoned him. I ran until I realised the bear wasn’t following. Then I looked back and saw him trapped in the cave by the bear. I shot the bear and killed her but… but by then it was too late he was lying on the ground d d dead.”
He started to cry like a baby. he cried and cried for several minutes before continuing the story. “The bear was dead and I killed the cubs too. I cooked the meat and ate it. Then I went to sleep. When I woke up I saw the sun rising in the east so I knew which way south was so, I packed up my stuff and grabbed the dead bears and started south. I eventually found the town and from there I could find my way to this cabin. I hid the bear furs in the basement. I probably still have them. I spent the rest of the day crying.”
He started crying again this time he didn’t stop crying for a long time. The story was over so he had nothing to continue. Eventually Alice got up and left him to cry by himself and that is what he did he cried for along time.

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