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January 8, 2018
By Anonymous

“Merry christmas Timmy!” It was a warm cozy Christmas morning in california. I was four at the time and my brother Noah was five. Noah and I ran down through the hall towards the christmas tree. When we got there we saw santas presents and went ripping away sending wrapping paper in the air. I got a power ranger two piece toy pistol that interlocked into a rifle and some pokemon cards. Noah got a wolf power ranger sword and some pokemon cards also. As a family present we got a joystick game that was shaped like darth vader's head it would plug into the tv but it got taken away because of how addicted Noah and i got to it.

Fast forward dad is looking at a map and is pointing at a small speck on the map saying we are moving here. Noah and i  cried as we both pictured an island the size of a table with a palm tree, while we were whacking away at sharks with a short stick. All of a sudden we are in paradise pools, beaches, sun, burgers,fries,shave ice, ice cream hotels the smelt wonderful, lush green forest, cool animals, beautiful people you name it! I mean we never imagined such a heaven! For any 4 or 5 year old would agree.

After that we moved up to the mountains in an area called mililani Noah and i went to  kindergarten and first grade and had some fun their. The houses were nicely shaded by trees and spacey. My room was gloomy but comfortable. I had a car framed bed and had a big transformers decepticon toy that would transform into a moon. That house didn't last long because of how cockroach infested it was so we had to move. I mean literally every night my dad would put on a show by smacking cockroaches while we held a flashlight.

We moved to a different house. Immediately when we moved in these 2 kids just walked in our house. Those same kids became our best friends with constant sleepovers and movie nights. Our really cool neighbor gave away his Xbox to us for free when i was in 1st grade. One day i was playing tag and i remember jumping up in such a weird way that i ended up landing straight on my head i was so scared i went inside and my dad poured alcohol and peroxide on my head. That sucked. It didn't completely heal for another week or two but during that time I got a girlfriend and her name was charlie. She was really sweet and i went to one of her birthday parties which was at chuck e cheese's i was the only boy there that was weird. Then i broke up with her and moved onto pomai she was nice too. Halloweens were amazing there but i think we only spent at least one or two christmases there. It was fun.

Onto the next house we just moved about 10 to 15 blocks away uphill past the school where we made about 10 or more neighborhood friends. Those were the days. We would always go on adventures to our old house in the woods, sewer tunnels just everywhere. These days were wild. We were getting into fights just being rascals it was fun. Tommy pooped under the school playground as a joke. He’s a legend he was so down to do anything he even peed on a car! Getting into school was hard though i cried on the first day i appreciate the class though because they were very caring. I had a girlfriend during 3rd grade her name was makena she was amazing. I  remember being the fastest kid in my neighborhood maybe even school. I even beat a middle schooler i was crazy fast. Around 3rd grade i had this weird dream or these lines and colors i woke up screaming and crying uncontrollably i don't know what that was but i was super scared. I remember for a period i wasn't scared of the dark but Noah was when i did get scared of the dark again i got scared of the closet the was a chuck e cheese and an elmo doll that scared the bejesus outta me. For a period that lasted maybe for a year i would sleep under my bed with all my stuffed animals and play pokemon on my ds that was a very comfortable spot. Also i remember watching cartoons in the guestroom on the ipad idk those were weird memories. Fast forward again it was 4th grade and it was almost the 2nd semester of  school my best friends name was Junior. Went to the bathroom and drew all over it writing swear words and stuff like that. I had another best friend named Kanoa i told him that we did it because the school was trying to figure out who did it and i was scared outta my pants. Kanoa snitched on my Junior. I don't know if he didn't like him or if he was scared too or what but that was a bad day i felt so guilty. I had the fear that Junior didn't like me anymore maybe even hate me. Now that was scary. Life moved on after that. Towards the end of the school year i got the news from my parents the we were moving to the city. That was devastating. Then my parents got in a divorce dad moved to oregon we stayed here with mom. From all the stress i gained like 15 to 20 pounds started playing too much video games and became really fat and unhealthy. I used to go to japanese school, swimming, gymnastics, piano during 1st to 4th grade but i dropped out. One of the last days in gym class i which i used to be the fastest in, this girl beat me in a race that was in front of the whole class i died inside thats was a sad day.

I was kind of depressed because we had to move to the city away from all my friends but, the city life was kinda cool and different we live in a condominium just me, Noah, and mom. 5th grade was weird a blur all i remember was that i at one point i had all F’s i probably should have flunked. When i got to middle school nothing really interesting happened. When i got into highschool i got fit again and made a few pretty good friends.

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