Best Friend

December 20, 2017
By Anonymous

His name was Rufus, he was the best friend of Rose.

Rose had gotten Rufus when he was just a baby pup, she treated him as he was her own child, they spent every day together.

When she was sad he was there to comfort her, and make her smile even if he was a just a puppy he had his ways to make her feel better. She did the same for him, they went on walks every day and he also went hunting with her, he caught perrie dogs the funny part about him going along was every time he caught a perrie dog he would bring them to Rose and set them right beside her feet or her gear.

As Rufus got older he grew distant and he always wondered off on his own, he wouldn’t come back home after it gotten dark out. Rose had to leave now she was attending a collage hour away from home she wishes she would take Rufus with, when she was away her grandma wrote her every two weeks telling Rose how Rufus was doing, if one her letters she told Rose that Rufus ran away, so as soon as she was done reading the letter she packed up a bag and got on a bus to go home to find him.

Rufus wasn’t just a dog to her he was her best friend she ever had and she loved him so much, when she got to her grandma's house she asked her grandma questions ''when was the last time you saw him?'' ''why do you think he ran away?'' but she had no answers to her questions so Rose just ran out the door and called his name, there was no noise or sign of him so she took her old four-wheeler and went out to where she always hunted with him.

When she reached the fence, she parked where she used to park, she glanced around for a while until she noticed the bush Rufus always hid when Rose would be mad, she walked over to the bush then she noticed something moving was Rufus, he was all beaten up and bleeding she ran over to him asking him "what happen?!" Crying, hoping he'd say something back but he can't speak so she lifted him up and rushed home when she got to her grandma's house she kicked the door open rushing to her old bedroom laying him down on her bed when she got him to lay down she called the closest vet.

The vet asked her questions "where is the bleeding?'' and "is he breathing normally?'' or "how long has he been like this?'' she didn’t know the answer so she looked at her grandma and asked her how long he's been gone and she said three days, when she looked at Rufus, he wasn’t breathing she dropped the phone and tried waking him up she cried, then few moments later she realized her best friend was gone. A big part of her was gone.

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