The Man in Black

December 19, 2017
By Anonymous

A long time ago, in a small city there were five children of similar ages.  They played in their neighborhood playground after school every day.  They also bought food with the money that their parents gave them and they ate it together in an alley near the playground.

One of the children was called Ricky; He was six years old and in second grade. Another was called Paul and he was seven years old. The other two members of the group were females and their names were Elisa and Hennessy, they were seven years old like Pablo.  Because they were the only girls in the group, they were always together and they spoke more to each other than to the other kids.

One day after the school at 3pm, the children met in the same yard as always to play with Ricky's ball.  When they started playing, a man dressed in black clothes arrived and had the hood of his coat on so they couldn't  his face.  He walked towards the children slowly but none of them noticed because they were very entertained playing with Ricky´s ball.

When it was Hennessy's turn to throw the ball, she saw a shadow from the corner of her eye and then turned around and saw the man in black.  Elisa and the guys looked at the man too and Paul shouted:


-¨Guys! Run fast. "

Everyone ran behind Paul very scared and arrived at Paul´s apartment.  The man in black had disappeared and everyone was very tired of running. They sat on the floor breathing heavily and looking at each other.

Ricky looked at everyone and asked if anyone knew the man.  Everyone responded at the same time quickly.


Then they started to laugh and sat on the floor.  They weren't worried about the man in black and they didn't  talk about him again and ended up going home until the next day.

The next day, the children decided to go to the corner store to buy food.  Everyone had money but Ricky did not, so Elisa gave him two dollars left over from the five she had.  They bought things like candies, juices and chips and then share everything together.

When leaving the store, the kids ran to the playground to sit and enjoy their food.  They talk and laugh as they eat their food until they see the man dressed in black again.  They were all paralyzed and didn't know what to do at the time so, Paul stood up and started running screaming at his friends.

-¨Run! Run, let's go! ¨

The kids ran behind each one, Paul in the front and Hennessy in the back; It took her more time to get up and run because she was way more scared than the others.

Running fast and breathless, Hennessy collapsed on the floor.  The man in black ran to her and took her, slowly by her feet, covering her mouth with the dirty and smelly hands he had.  Hennessy was dragged over the hard, wet grass of the playground to a large tree that blocked the sun and did not let anyone see anything.  The man in black took a roll of gray tape from his backpack and cut a piece to seal Hennessy's mouth.  Since it was sealed, Hennessy couldn't scream because no one was going to hear anything.

Meanwhile, the group of kids who managed to escape, got to their neighborhood. As the sat on the floor breathing heavily. One of them, Elisa, realized that Hennessy wasn't there with them.

-¨Guys ... Wheres Hennessy? I don't see her anywhere "

Running through the whole neighborhood and shouting her name, Elisa could not find Hennessy anywhere.  None of the boys knew what to do so they decided to go to Hennessy's house and tell her mom.

They all walked sadly to Hennessy's house, they didn't speak until they stopped at Mrs. Ramirez´s door.  Elisa knocked on the door and hoped someone opened it.  The others were behind her, sad with their head down and tears in the eyes.  Mrs. Ramírez opened the door and I said hi to everyone with so much energy.

-¨Hi! How are you guys?¨
-"Mrs. Ramirez ... I have something to tell you."
-¨What happened honey?¨
-'Well, we were eating in the park as usual and a man dressed in black was watching us so we ran.  When we ran, Hennessy was behind all of us and I think she tripped --- well, we believe that the man in black took her and we don't know where she is.¨

Elisa explained to Hennessy´s mom with sadness what happened, the boys behind her sat on the floor and began to cry more.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Ramirez ran and grabbed her phone to call the police and report the situation, she got dressed and walked to the park with the kids.

-¨Okay guys now tell me where it happened, I have to know everything.¨
-"It was over there," Ricky said, "we were sitting there eating, and the man appeared on that side on the left."

The kids together with Mrs. Ramirez looked everywhere Hennessy but the police arrive and they still didn't know where the poor girl was.

Meanwhile, the man in black had Hennessy kidnapped far away from the city, where no one could find her.

Two months later and there's still no trace of where the seven-year-old girl could be.  Obviously everyone was sad, especially her mom, Mrs. Ramirez but, they never lost hope of being able to find Hennessy one day.

The police and relatives of Hennessy, along with her friends, continued searching for her for a long time everywhere.  One day, Ricky saw a girl that looked just like her.  He saw her walking towards the park where they always went and he followed her and looked at her until he saw her face to face and stopped.

-¨Hennessy? Is it you?¨
-¨Ricky! ¨

With tears of happiness, Hennessy gave Ricky a giant hug and they walked towards her house.

-Where were you Henny? We were all worried about you, it's been so long and we didn't know anything. "
- You know, that the man in black kidnapped me and I had the chance to escape but it so far and I got lost, I didn't know where to go Ricky. I found a very kind lady who helped me get here and in about two days ago I arrived in the city but I couldn't get here right away because I didn't have money for transportation. I waited until someone gave me enough to pay and come here. "
-Wow! I feel so bad for you Hennessy but, I'm so happy you came back, I missed you so much. Well, everyone did."

Together, they arrived at Hennessy's house and knocked on the door.  Mrs. Ramírez opened it and was surprised when she saw her daughter.  She gave her a long, warm hug and they both cried at the same time.

-¨I missed you so much baby! ¨
-"Me too mom, I'm happy to be home."

After everything that happened, Hennessy's mom was more careful with her and the kid as well. The man in black was never found but even though he wasn't,  Hennessy had come home and everyone was happy again.

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