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A Student's Life

December 25, 2017
By Anonymous

The life of a student is quite perplexing.
They rise early. Usually by daybreak.
They trudge to the bus stop.
They wait and wait.
Finally, the yellow cheese vehicle arrives.
They take their seats.
Back to back, bottom to bottom.
The yellow cheese vehicle arrives at its destination.
The learning institution.
The bell is heard.
In unison, all of the students rise and exit the yellow cheese vehicle.
They enter the learning institution.
The wildebeest migration has begun.
Observe as students come from all places.
Left. Right.
Everywhere you look there’s a student with an overweight backpack.
Each student has a destination in mind.
But not all students will survive.
Some will meet a friend and talk
They will waste their time in the hallway.
Then the late bell will be heard and they will be handed a dreaded…
Tardy slip!!!
The lucky students who do arrive in homeroom on time take a breath of relief.
They have survived the first bell, now a thousand more to come.
They struggle to open the microscopic locker, but they have no luck.
Every time they try to open it, the locker has somehow changed the combination.
Some have prevailed and have succeeded in opening the locker, but others can not.
They will carry their books around all day long.
Dropping them wherever they go.
The teacher rises. 
Every student hushes.
Was that sheet due today? they wonder.
They look around the room.
There are posters depicting make-believe students with books in their arms and smiling.
But the real world students are not smiling.
Except of course for the overachiever
The student who does their homework before it's been assigned,
And then goes online and does more homework.
The overachiever cries about their 99’s, while the others rejoice with their 74’s.
The procrastinator desperately begins on the homework.
It’s never too late! they tell themselves.
Or so they thought.
The teacher snatches their sheet and says,
“That’s a zero for you.”
Then the teacher begins to teach.
But all of the students can hear is, “test tomorrow, you are going to fail for sure.”
The underachieving students begin to wonder how to catch a contagious, maybe deadly disease in the next 24 hours.
The “I never study student” thinks about all of the exciting games they will play, while their classmates study endlessly.
Each student has a goal in mind: to survive the school day.
Finally, the bell damages their eardrums. Students quickly file out of the classroom.
One class done, a billion more to go.
They enter the next classroom where everything is timed.
2 seconds to inhale, and 3 seconds to exhale, not a half second more.
Now their growling stomachs become relentless.
One student, out of plain boredom, decides to have a staring contest with the clock.
The clock wins for the 174th time in a row.
Finally, it is time to fill their stomach with food.
The students want to have an Olympic race to the cafeteria,
But the teacher’s stone cold glare makes them think otherwise.
They enter the cafeteria. The noise can be heard from China.
Here is the student’s watering hole.
The boys dare each other to do the craziest of things.
They mix the red ketchup, “100 %” whole milk and “farm fresh veggies and fruits” into the “real cheese” macaroni bowl and then eat it.
One boy turns his macaroni bowl upside.
The school’s promise has been kept: the macaroni will always stay in that bowl.
Unhealthy, no it’s science. The macaroni has defied Newton’s law of gravity.
The girls gossip about the gossip they gossiped about yesterday.
The students trade for food.
The cafeteria stock market will never collapse.
A pack of gummies for a pack of crackers? Deal!
They are slowly occupying Wall Street.
Then, the teacher rises.
It is time to depart the cafeteria.
Back in the classroom, the teacher attempts to fill the students’ heads with knowledge, but they try in vain.
The students have been distracted, and their focus has left them.
The bell interrupts the teacher’s teaching.
The students rush to their classes.
In Spanish class, the sleepy student attempts to catch up on some sleep.
Por que t? duermes?! The teacher shouts.
NO HABLO ESPAÑOL, the now awake student screams.
The student has been sent to the room.
The room where parents are called.
The room where a student’s chances of being successful are crushed.
The room where the dreaded silent lunch punishment is handed out.
The room where the principal’s office lies.
After what seems likes years, the student returns.
The student is shaken.
The student can’t describe what happened without breaking into tears.
Finally, the student gathers enough courage to say their punishment out loud.
“Silent lunch tomorrow, and detention today,” the student says.
The other students look at the punished student with tears in their eyes.
Some look with sympathy others with empathy.
Only the overachiever knows the difference.
Silent lunch was one of the worst things that a student could receive.
It meant no crazy dares for the boys or gossip for the girls.
One day without a crazy dare or gossip can drive a student insane.
All silent lunch meant was silence.
No talking just silence.
Having something to say? Silence. (Silencio)
The bell rings again and student move on to the next class.
And after that, they move on to the next class, and so on.
When they arrive in math class they wonder why math is so hard,
And then they remember: math has numbers.
When they arrive in science they wonder why science is so hard;
And then they remember: most of the time you can’t see it without help
When they arrive in history class they wonder why history is so hard;
And then they remember: we aren’t alive when it happened
When they arrive in language arts they wonder why it is so hard;
And then they remember: Google can’t write your essay for you
Finally, the last bell rings and they arrive home in the yellow cheese vehicle.
But this time with a heavier bookbag than before
This is the life of a student.
5 days a week, 180 days a year.
So complicated that there hasn’t been a nature show based on it… yet.
However complicated their lives may be are we must remember:
These are our students and they are the future of tomorrow.

The author's comments:

This piece is about students and the life we live. Adults complain about their jobs, but kids have an important one too - school! And remember, students, are our nation's future.

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luckywriter said...
on Dec. 28 2017 at 2:20 pm
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This is great! It really shows what the life of a student is from the perspective of a student. This deserves to be published in the magazine!

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