April 2, 2009
By Kathryn Sweeney BRONZE, Washingtonville, Pennsylvania
Kathryn Sweeney BRONZE, Washingtonville, Pennsylvania
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“That jerk.”
“He doesn’t know what he’s doing, sweetie.”

“He’s just an idiot, don’t even worry.”
My friends glare at you while whispering to me at lunch. Trash-talk you, belittle you, and insult you all from the protection of the two-tables-down strategy.
“I saw him on a street corner the other night, I told you he’s a….” Alica trails off as a moniter walks by. I look at my food, not eating, not talking, not even laughing at their accusations and jabs at your masculinity. Because it doesn’t matter anymore. I look at you out of the corner of my eye, you look upset, a tear is forming at the corner of your eye. Anger swells up inside, you have no right to cry! It’s all your fault, your fault, yours. The words mix in my mind until you rise and walk over. I look down, unwilling to meet your eyes.
“Kat… please…” you say, so melodramatic. Such a drama-king, you always were. But that’s too cliché, and it won’t work… not again.

“She doesn’t want to talk to you.” Sam says shortly, but you sit down anyway. I look to Megan, and she smiles evilly.
“How’s Sara?” she asks, her eyes cold.
“Kat, you have to know I didn’t mean it!” You persist. No, no…. your fault. The anger can’t be contained anymore, and I let go.
“How could you not mean it? It’s fine if you don’t like me anymore, but she’s my friend, Kyle. Did you think I wouldn’t know? I found out, Kyle, and you have to deal with the consequences. Kissing her, fine, whatever, but both of us? Really? Not to mention the pervy things you said to her, and me. I bet if we put together every nice thing you’d done for either of us they’d be exactly the same wouldn’t they? You’re unoriginal, and stupid. So, so stupid. You lose, Kyle. You wanted too much, and now you have nothing.” I spat. Sara, the other woman, my friend, sat down next to me.
“Once a cheater always a cheater, right Kat?” she said.
“Mhmm.” I replied, and we both stood up. Ice cold water chilled my hand, but only for a second before it was tilted and dripping off of your jeans. Arm in arm, Sara and I walk away, free from your reign of terror, and free from every pain and doubt you’d caused. Free to start over, free to love. This time without you.

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M.S.S. GOLD said...
on Jun. 4 2010 at 4:58 pm
M.S.S. GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
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i loved it! GENIUS! He deserved every bit of wat he got.

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