True Friends Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

November 17, 2017
By creativewritting BRONZE, Rensselear, Indiana
creativewritting BRONZE, Rensselear, Indiana
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It was a crisp Saturday morning and Nick was slumped down in his rocking chair while brushing  his dog’s back and tipping his straw hat down. His hand were fitly covered in dirt and his hair was scrubish.  His biboverals were ripped and the buttons were loose.  He took one big bite out of his gushy peanut butter sandwich. Then he started to choke.  He quickly blinked his eyes twice to make sure what he was seeing was real.  And it was.  Nick discovered a hot babe.  His eyes were set on her.  She was wearing a sleek black dress with high heel shoes.  He just had to say something.  He leaned forward and shouted,

“Are you alright madam?”
She stopped and put her arm over her forehead and gasped, “You're darn right I need help.”
       “Well young lady, you can stay here with me.  I have plenty of peanut butter jelly sandwiches here and you can even sleep in my dog’s bed.”
“That is awful nice of you sir,” Victoria said.
Nick sneered, “Say, what is a beautiful girl like you doin’ out here in the dessert?”

She huffed, “By the way my name is Victoria Walls and if you must know, I am suppose to model for a photoshoot in Puerto Rico tomorrow, but the plane driver was drunk and landed here.”

Nick tried not to laugh and quietly said,


“I am sorry to hear that, but ya know I have always wanted to go to a beach and soak up in the sun and see the ocean blue.”

“Well I guess, I could pull a couple of strings and take you with me just you will have to pay to take me down there,” Victoria remarked.

Nick saved a couple of dollars in his kitchen cabinet that he was going to use for peanut butter jelly sandwiches, but this was more important.  He was all gidley inside and stomped to his old Ford pick up truck.  The door squealed as he opened it for Victoria.  He was prepared to leave everything behind and move on to a better a life.  He could almost taste the wonderful air of Puerto Rico and he pictured Victoria and him lying on beach while she was in bikini.

Victoria interrupted his trans of thought and asked, “Are ya goin’ take your dog?”
Nick slowly looked back and stared into Banjo’s black oval eyes.  Banjo was making a whimpering sound. Nick shrugged his shoulders and said, “Ehh, I don’t need him.” 

He then turned around and dashed away in his truck with his arm around Victoria.  He had the music blaring up loud to some good ole country music that way he wouldn’t hear his dog barking back at him.

After a couple of years went by, Victoria Walls completely changed Nick.  He started to wear stuff like dress clothes and he didn’t have a santa claus beard anymore.   They became husband and wife and then moved into a mansion right off of the shore by the beach.  All of his wishes were about to come true. Victoria wanted to go to the beach. 

Nick smiled and said, “Sure thing sweetheart.”
“Gosh darn it you are making me blush.”
Nick peered over at her.  He had that urge inside of his stomach to tell her about his past.
   “Umm, Victoria, uhh there is something that I need to tell you.”
Victoria fake a smile and said, “Yes darlin’.”


Nick was twirling his thumbs. 

He took a deep breath and said, “My parents left me when I was seven.  I do not remember much about them.  I wish that I wasn’t adopted to be left alone again.”

She was applying red lip gloss on her big lips staring at herself in the mirror. 

She turned around and said, “Honey, I really do not care. Your past is in the past.”

He tried not too shed a tear.  But he kept his head up.  He only cared about making her happy. 
He grabbed her hand and kissed it.
He said, “Babe, let’s go to the beach.” 

Nick was a bit unsure because he did not know how to swim or what it was like to go sun tanning, but he would give it a try that way she would not divorce him.  His life was almost complete up to this point, but the tides started to turn.

Nick screamed,  “Hey babe, I am going to go take a swim!”
She chuckled,  “Okay, do whatever you want honey, and remember that you are in paradise.”
             “I know this life is great.”

Nick tightened his swimming trunks.  He then, took a deep breath and ran straight into the ocean.  The skies started to turn gray and the current rose.  Victoria ran away without a care in world for Nick.  He was stranded.  He was flapping his arms and screaming,

“Help, help!” from the top of his lungs. 

Before he took his last breath he came to a conclusion.  Nick thought that if he would have brought his his dog, Banjo, he would have saved him.  If he would have been satisfied with the life that he had, then he wouldn’t have been stranded out in the ocean all alone.

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