Partizani Penetrators

November 14, 2017
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  It started off as a normal sunny day in April at the biggest stadium in Tirana, the Qemal Stafa stadium where the legendary football team, FK Partizani Tirana were doing some training. A few minutes later a group of trespassers lead by Arbino Celkodhima and his rebellious friend Egir they all wore with caps, black jerseys and black trainers snuck into the stadium and spied on the team as they were dribbling, shooting penalties and running laps. The friends watched for a few minutes and the footballers noticed but didn’t want to stop training. It was all okay until Egir did something very stupid.
  “THAT was a terrible pass!’’ Egir exclaimed.
  The manager, Sulejman Starova who was wearing the team’s red jersey then turned around with a very angry face looking like he was going to explode with anger and then, the chase was on. All the friends scattered but they didn’t know where the exit was. Arbi found an exit, himself and two other of his friends were running as fast as they could to outrun the footballers who were trying to detain the friends. They just about made it to the exit and when they got out the manager told the team to come back that he already got some of the trespassers.
  Egir and two other friends were captured by the manager who caught them red handed and enjoyed telling them off yelling at them for trespassing and ruining the team’s training. Since then Egir never went near the stadium again and he got grounded for a week.
Arbino and his friends were all panting and all said ‘‘phew.’’
  Why did I do this? Arbino thought. Arbino doesn’t even like football he just wanted to be rebellious and to be cool and now he realised how stupid he has been he also never went near the stadium again. At least they hadn’t been caught or so he thought.
  The friends went to cool off in a bar where they got Fanta exotic. Arbi got a phone call from his dad who asked nicely for him to come home and he has a nice surprise for him.
Arbi got home to find his parents very angry waiting for him at the door, which was the opposite of a nice surprise. Arbi’s father said he had a nice surprise so he would come home quicker and wouldn’t be expecting him to know about the incident. 
  "Are you stupid?’’ his father asked, ‘‘we now have to pay 10 000 lek for the first-degree trespass. You are grounded for a month and you are never to hang out with those boys again.’’
Stupid Egir, Arbi thought he also learned that Egir revealed his identity so that they would let him go. Arbi never really liked Egir anyway so it wasn’t really a big deal.
  His father wasn’t kidding and forced Arbi to leave his last school, Vatra E Dijes so he would never see his friends again he then joined a new school called Tirana International School where he made better friends who weren’t so rebellious.

The End

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Sean_MC_MiniumThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Nov. 20 at 3:20 am
I spelt the title wrong lol: Partizani Penatrators
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