Be Thankful For What You Have

October 30, 2017
By Litsy BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Litsy BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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When I was younger life was really the best my mom and  would do everything together, she was like my best friend, I could tell her everything and she would always have the perfect thing to say to make me feel better. My mom was one of the best women I ever knew, she had long brunette hair with the perfect wave to it, she was a tall curvy beautiful women and she had the most accepting and loving personality. We really had the perfect life, my mom had an amazing job, she was the co-CEO for target, I was doing so well in my soccer team, I was the captain for my team and we were enjoying life to the fullest until my mom met... Joaquin Contreras.
“Baby I’m going out see you later.”
“Yeah mom” I reply annoyed.
The Usual, my mom is going out with Joaquin and probably not coming back until the next day in the morning. I hate staying home alone here. Our neighbors are always fighting and banging on the thin walls of the apartment, I hear almost everything but I’ve gotten more use to it now since it happens every f***ing night. I miss the life I use to have, we never struggled to buy anything we needed or anything we wanted really and and even less worried about having something to eat, Now we can barely afford the things we need and sometimes we don’t have anything to eat at all. I know Joaquin steals the little money my mom tries to save but when I try telling her about it she gets defensive and starts blaming me for stealing her money.
Today I woke up to the same old crappy life but one thing wasn’t exactly the same… My mom’s clothes wasn’t all over the floor so I got up to check if she was in her room, everything was exactly like she left it yesterday ad she wasn’t in her room, so I checked the bathroom and she wasn’t there either. That’s weird she’s usually always here by the morning when I wake up, hmm I’ll call her if she doesn’t get back by 10am, that’s the latest she’s ever came home but she told me she would be back later than usual because of some “business” she had and this time she didn’t tell me anything. I guess I’ll just clean for now. As I was cleaning the apartment in the back of my mind I was still wondering where she was. I’m usually never this worried but this time I’m getting a weird feeling about all of this. I put some music on so I can distract myself from getting worried. It’s about 9:30 right now and she’s still not home. Where is this woman at? I’ll just call her now so I stop worrying.
“Ring ring, Ring ring, Ring ring…”
“Uhhh pick uppp.”
“Please leave a message…”
She’s probably busy and can’t pick up the phone but when she sees the missed call she’ll call me back. I finished cleaning the messy apartment finally. I looked to check what time is was and the time on the stove said it was 11:26 am. At this point it was very strange that my mom hasn’t tried to call me so I started to get very worried so I called her again and no answer so I called again and still no answer. I’ll leave her a message maybe she’ll answer me then. I waited awhile but still no answer. It was about 1:43 pm now and finally I got a text back from my mom it said, “I wont b home for awhile.” I read it but that’s not at all how my mom messages be she usually calls me baby and has good grammar and at the end she adds a heart emoji. Receiving this message made me worry more but I tried to shake it off and not think too much about.
After a while I recieved a call from my mom she sounded frantic “ Baby I love you please go find help… beep” and she hung up.
At this point I was in tears I was scared for my mothers life I didn’t know exactly what was happening but I know it was bad.
I called 911 frantically, “My mom is in danger PLEASE HELP HER!” I said through tears.
“Please calm down ma’am, tell me what can I help you with?”
“ My mom she’s in danger she called me” I said not making sense to the officer.
“ Do you know where she’s at?”
“ No she just called me and told me to get help and just hung up.”
“ We will send police to where you are to get information, stay on the phone with me.”
“ Hurry please!!! I don’t want anything bad to happen to her”
I stayed on the phone with them until two police cars showed up at the apartments and two of the police men came up to my apartment. I opened the door before they could get to the door and knock. They asked me so many questions, some I didn’t even know how to answer. By now it was 5:30pm. I was told that there was a search for my mom happening. I just prayed to God to keep her safe and alive. It was 9:15pm and they still couldn’t find my mom until I got another phone call, it was from my mom.
“MOM!! Where are you!!” I said through tears.
“Baby, I’m in a bathroom at a gasoline station.” She whispered
“What gasoline station Mom?” I asked in a shaky voice.
“ It’s a Conoco not far from home honey, just please tell the police this, I love you”
“ Mom” I said after she hung up.
I quickly called the police to let them know what happened. They asked me to give them my phone to try and track my mom’s phone. They were able to track her phone and knew exactly where she was. I was still so scared and worried for my mom I was just praying to God that they find her. After waiting about an hour with not knowing anything the officers called… They found my mom. I was so relieved to hear that, I quickly asked them if I could talk to her and they passed me to her.
“ Mom, I love you” I said through tears.
“ Baby, I love you more, thank you for helping me” she said crying.
“ I’m so glad you’re okay mom I love you”
“ I’m sorry baby”
“ Don’t worry mom I’m just thankful you’re fine right now mom”
“ I love you baby, I gotta go I’ll see you when I get home”
“ I love you”
This was the most relief I have ever felt in a long time. It was around 11:20 and my mom finally got home and I ran to hug her. We bursted out into tears and didn’t stop hugging for a long time. I was so happy she was safe and with me. After this we were moved to another place to stay so we would be protected.
After all this happened we were put under witness protection and pretty much started a whole new and better life. We left the past in the past and moved on to have a better life and grow together as a family and as people. Sometimes I think back and am thankful for this happening because it has brought us closer as mother and daughter and taught us to be more thankful for the life we have.

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