the day we got adopted

October 29, 2017
By Anonymous

It was the worst day of my life , when my mom decided to date that boyfriend of hers. Three weeks after we left Miami and moved to Denver co ,  my mom became an alcoholic. I blame my mom's boyfriend. He was the one that influenced her to do drink. It was my young sister Katie , 7 years old & my young  brother Alex ,10 years old & me I’m 15 years old. Yes, the oldest. I couldn’t even imagine the huge responsibility I had weighing on my shoulders. It was the day my mom met her boyfriend ,
My younger sister katie who is 7 years old usually has asthma attacks once in awhile. It is so hard for my mom to work and take care of my sister and brother , that's when i step in as a younger sister and take care of them. My “ step father “ who doesn't really act like a father, usually always comes home drunk. When my mom gets home everything gets a little bit too intense , well .. alot actually. Ever since my mom met jake , my world turned upside down. My mom never has time for us , to her partying and drinking is her only priority. Everyday my mom would come home drunk , yeah just like my step dad  . It was difficult for me to go to school and feed my brother and sister mostly everyday, if not everyday. One day  my mom came in my room and said to me ,
“ you're such a great daughter , i love all you guys.”
For a second i felt so special and loved , until i noticed that my mom was so drunk. My moms boyfriend  jake was also laughing like it was some kind of joke. I mean , was it a joke? Yeah , she was a little drunk but I had a feeling like she really meant it & that feeling was enough for me to feel loved by my mom. One time I came back from school and I seen my mom getting beat up by Jake.
“ this food is so nasty and cold.” He said , angrily.
As he threw it on the ground. I didn’t want Alex of Katie to see them fighting so I rushed them to my room and we  all hid in the corner. Tight , but we felt “ somewhat “ safe. What really broke my heart was seeing my brother and sister in tears. I felt like taking them far away. I felt angry with my mom. Why did she have to put up with him? Someone who beats you up? I didn’t understand her , but she had her reasons ,  I guess that still didn’t justify her. I remember when I was very  little my mom took Katie  to the hospital because she nearly died. Since she has asthma attacks. My mom was so devastated all my mom would say is,
“ don’t take my baby away please don’t take her away.”
Non-stop. It hurt me so much seeing my mom like that. Now , it hurts me seeing my mom getting beat up & not being able to do anything about it. My stepfather never actually cared about us, that includes my mom. If he doesn’t love my mom why is he with her? I guess it’s because he doesn’t want to be in the streets alone like so many homeless people. Deep down i think my mom really loved us. I had so much hate for my stepfather. One time he sent my mom to the hospital because he almost beat her to death , i still don't understand why, all i know was that he was super drunk . my mom had a broken rib and a broken arm , thing must've been  so intense since he broke her rib and arm. One night my mom and jake went out and left katie , me and alex alone. My mom is never home , she is always out. The only time  we see her is on sundays , since we're always in school and mostly never see her after school. Alex , me and katie are watching a movie, minutes later my brother and sister fall asleep , they had a long day . I went to make sure everything was locked. As soon a i lay down i hear the phone ring , it was my mom she sounded so desperate.
“ daisy , daisy “ she said
“ what , mom?” i said.
“ i.. I .. got arrested for robbery. I don’t have much time to explain.”
“  what do you mean you got arrested mom?” i said as tears began to roll down my cheeks
“ yeah , i got into a fight with one of the ladies in the store for stealing some beer for jake.”
Jake. she got arrested because of jake. I couldn't believe it.
  “ listen i don't have much time .. i need you to tell jake to get me out of here. “
“ okay mom.”
I shouldn't even bother calling Jake  i mean ,  he is the one that got my mom into this messs in the first place anyways  , but i didn't want to fight with my mom so i just said ok.
“ i love you gu..”
“ click.”
The phone hanged up. I don't know what to do now. All I was thinking about was what’s going to happen to my mom? My brother? My sister? Me? .Jake won't do anything he never even loved my mom. I feel so lost .. so .. so .. confused. It was morning already , and i haven't slept at all thinking  of what might happen to alex and katie. I walked both of them to school. I didn't want them to know that i was crying so i wiped my tears and walked them to the entrance of the school. I took advantage that my brother and sister were at school to go visit my mom. When i arrived at the women's correctional facility i seen jake there . I went up to him and asked him what happened at the store.
“ I .. don’t know your mom just went all crazy and she started fighting and they called the police. “ he said.
I went to talk to the lady at the front desk and asked her if I could talk to my mom.
“ uh .. I have to check if she’s allowed to have any visitors.”
So I waited. Waited for hours. Until the lady came out.
“ yes, follow me.”
I asked my mom what happened but we didn’t have a lot of time she just told me that she was going to stay in Jail for 2 years. For a second , everything stopped moving.
“ what was I going to do? What were Alex and Katie going to do?” I said to myself.
“ I know it’s bad .. but I need you to take care of your brother and sister. Please daisy. Please.”
“ I will take care of them. I promise. I love you mom.”
I started crying as the guard grabbed me and said it’s time to go. They took me back to the lobby where I sat and thought about my life , what was I going to do? As I was walking out I overheard a conversation that involved my mom . Social services was starting to investigate us and they were saying how they wanted to send Alex, me  and Katie to a foster home. Since my mom can’t take care of us anymore and my stepfather can’t either  because of his drinking problem and …. well, I’m not old enough to take care of them. I rushed so fast to go get my brother and sister out of school. I didn’t want social services to take Alex and Katie away from me , I promised my mom. I ran and ran .. but it wasn’t fast enough. As soon as I got there , social services was already there.
“ so , do you guys like this school.?” The social service lady said. As I approached the lady told me if my name was daisy.
“ are you daisy.? “
“ uh.. yes.” I hesitated for a little.
“ you need to come with us also.” She said
“ where are you taking us?. “ I said.
The lady didn’t answer. I asked her again.
“ where.. are.. we .. going.?” Still no answer.
Minutes or hours later , we arrived at a place called “ foster care for kids .”
I was so confused , there were two ladies waiting for us. One lady took Alex , i pulled the lady so she wouldn’t take my baby brother away from me. I did everything I could to stop them from taking Alex away from me. I felt so horrible , I started crying. I begged that lady and told her to not take my brother but she didn’t seem to listen, she still took him. I was holding onto Katie really tight hoping they wouldn’t take her away from me also but I guess the world was against me or something because moments later , they took Katie away from me.
“ no , please don’t.” I cried
They ended up taking both Katie and Alex from me. It was so heartbreaking. They took me to another foster care home. A foster care for older people,  I guess. I couldn’t get the image of my sister crying and my brother out of my head , it made me feel so guilty. I felt like I failed them both. I felt like running away with my sister and brother. in the blink of an eye, we arrived at the foster home. As they were walking me to office I notice some people seemed happy as they seen me pass through. Who are they ? I wondered. They seemed like happy people. People that seem humble. I shouldn’t be scared I said to myself. When I entered the director of the foster home told me to take a seat. She seemed extremely nice. She even offered me some donuts. Wired right? I sat and accepted the donuts.
“ daisy ? “
“ Amy and angel want to adopt you. “
I didn’t understand. I barely got here and they want to adopt me already.
“ but .. it’s my first day here. How do they even know about me.?”
“ this might seem weird to you but , they been investigating you , Alex and Katie for a while .. and they seemed interested in you guys. They been looking for someone to adopt for a while.”
“ what .. what about Alex .. Katie ?”
“ well,  that’s the good news. They also want to adopt Alex and Katie. “
“ if it’s fine you with you .. daisy.!” Amy said.
I got so happy when they said they wanted to adopt Alex and Katie.
“ yes , it’s fine with me . As long as I get to see Alex and Katie again. Yes.! “ I said excitedly.
“ alright , well let’s start the process.”
“ I must you though , daisy , it’s going to take about 4 weeks for all the paperwork to go through. Is that fine with you.?”
“ yes , that’s fine. As long as I get to see Katie and Alex again.!”
“ okay. Is that fine with you guys.? “
“ yes. Of course.” Amy and angle said.”
“ perfect . I’ll get everything started.
“ For the meantime , You have to stay in the foster home for about a month. “
“ that’s fine it will all be worth it at the end.”


Four weeks have passed since they started my adoption process. I’m finally out and the first thing I see if my brother Alex and Katie. I ran so fast and hugged them both so tight. I reminded them that I love them so much. We were all happy that we started to cry. It was the best moment. We walked together to thank Amy and angel for adopting us.
“ you’re welcome!” They both said.
We went home .. well what we call our home now.
“ I just wanted to say that we’re very thankful that you guys adopted us. I’m just worried .. what’s going to happen to our mom?”
“ well , she will need to stay there for a while .. you know ..until she agrees to go to rehab.”
“ Can I ask you guys a favor.?”
“ sure , anything !”
“ can .. can we go see our mom? Not right now ,  but later on?
“ sure , I don’t have a problem with that!” They said.
I got so happy I hugged them both !! Everything was Perfect. I had my brother , my sister and a new family by my side now! This was our new beginning.

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