October 27, 2017
By maddy.conner SILVER, Trinidad, Texas
maddy.conner SILVER, Trinidad, Texas
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" Be a pineapple stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside"

Everyone has pain, but they just cope with it differently. Everyone has the thought, “Why am I still here?” Many people take their life because they don’t talk about their struggles. Depression hits a lot of people in high school.

In school there are bullies and just hateful teachers. People don’t always know how to deal with it. For example, one day at school, a girl got a message from an online cyber bully named Jarrey. He said that a very bad video just posted about her, and he sent them the link to show Lizza,but it actually deactivated her account. Then the bully took over. He has harassed her friends since he took over.

She just wants to be free from all of it because it is really hurting her on the inside. Some people aren’t strong and can’t push forward, but she is doing everything in her power to not let the demons inside and to talk to her. All of her friends are by her side the whole way.

Everyone is different and handles everything differently. People will always have that one person that is there for them when your pain is in it worst. Some might be worse than others, but they will never know because they are too selfish to care about other. The way people speak also has a lot to with depression and anger, bullies don’t look at it that way: they just say it or do it.
Bullies don’t think about it before they say hurtful things. Phones and other technologies are the main reason for human pain. If all technologies just went away the world would be a lot better off. TV and phones a big impact on how we look at the world.

Parents try to stay out of kids lives too much to know if they are hurting or not. It’s okay to be nosey sometimes, like if they are making people worried around them. People in today’s life don’t care about others enough to know they are suffering. Just because they seem happy doesn’t mean that they are. Tell everyone to be kind and share a huge every once in awhile.
Lyndah has a rough home life, and she doesn’t always believe that she can push forward through her pain. She claims to have no one to go to even though everyone is there for her. Lynda goes home and contemplates suicide. Then she asks herself, “Is it worth it?”She goes to her room and starts cutting away at her arms and leg just so she can have relief. The next day she comes to school trying to push through and have a good day, but it doesn’t always work.

The point is, always try to be helpful and kind to everyone. Everyone in life is fighting a battle just others might be a little bit bigger. Be the better person and show that caring is important. Love everyone because everyone is important in the own. Everyone is also beautiful in their own way as shown in Alessa Cara “Scars to your beautiful.”

The author's comments:
I feel that everyone needs to be recognized no matter what.

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