My New Beginning

October 25, 2017
By Anonymous

It was one of those sunny, ninety degree days outside. When the sun is high out and people are getting ready to go to the beach with their towels, and shorts, sandals, swimsuits and anything related to summer. But then there was me. I, Sofia walking on the streets of Miami looking for the things  my mom sent me to look for. Lucky me that the guy at the liquor store knows i buy alcohol for my mom and not for me, or else people would have thought i was crazy. Great! Now i'm running late to pick my brothers, Diego and Matthew. Thanks to this traffic, the stop lights take forever to change. The irresponsible of my mother is what changed my brothers and my life.

  Two months into summer and nothing interesting had happened except clean, make food, and take care of my brothers. Which is unfair, I thought. If she didn't want this huge responsibility she shouldn't of had three kids. Good thing I have friends like Sarah and Jenny. They come and make me some company while my mom is partying with her friends and hanging out with her boyfriend. “So what's for dinner mama Sofia?” Sarah asked laughing.  “It's not funny.” I replied
“What i wish to go and hang out with you guys and not be home doing things my mom should be doing.”  
“You right.” She said.  But either way you know we are here if anything.”
“Thanks I know.” I said. It was almost the afternoon and Sarah and Jenny had left already, and nothing of my mom. “Well time to go to sleep kids turn off the TV.”
“Aww a little more time please.”
“No, time to go to sleep.”
“Okay.” The door opened and all I could hear was loud laughs and noises. “Mom?” I asked, but no response. I left my room and went downstairs and saw my mom laying on the couch.
“Mom wake up!” I shouted.
“Leave me alone, let me sleep.” she replied just like a drunk person would.
“Fine.” And I left to my room. *Beep* *Beep* my alarm went off. “Ughh.” I complained as i took off the blankets and went downstairs to talk to my mom.  “Really mom?” I asked looking at her.
“What?” she replied with a serious face. “You can't keep coming home drunk.”
“And your drinking already, early in the morning!” I shouted as i took the glass of wine away from her. “Stop getting in my life Sofia!” She shouted back. And left again slamming the door and leaving a loud THUD! That woke my brothers up. “What was that?” Diego asked. “Oh nothing.” “Who wants breakfast.” I said as i tried to keep the tears rolling down my cheeks. “Me, me”. Both my brothers said. There was a knock on the door and i knew it was Sarah and Jenny. My mom wouldn't be back until midnight probably.  While i was busy in my thoughts and about what happened just a few moments ago i didn't hear Sarah nor Jenny talking to me. “Hey what's wrong?” Jenny asked. “My mom again.” I sighed
“What happened this time?”
“She came home drunk at midnight and then left early in the morning.”
“Mmm, maybe you should act like you stopped caring about your mom and maybe she will notice how much you cared for her and maybe she'll stop. Jenny said.
“Yeah maybe.” I said doubting.
“Well i have to go, i have a date.” Jenny said.
“Oooh Oooh.” both Sarah and i said with a really confused expression but at the same time feeling happy for her. Jennys faced glowed up with excitement. “Hope everything goes good.” I said putting a smile on my face to giver her some support.
“Thanks same goes to you.” she said
“Thanks.” And the door opened and closed. “Well do you want to play some cards, or watch a movie?” Sarah asked. “Just to get yourself distracted.”
“Sure.” We watched two movies in a row until Sarah had to leave and my brothers were sleeping already.  “Well, bye feel better my friend.”
“Yes, thanks for everything Sarah.”
“No problem give me a call if you need me.”
“Sure thing, bye.” I waved and closed the door, feeling empty inside, I didn't know that that was going to be the last day i was going to see her and jenny and my brothers. “Mom wake up, wake up!” I shouted, crying of desperation.
“Huh what happened?” The look of confusion she had, told me she hadn't notice who was in front of her. “Mom.” That word came out almost as a whisper. “Mom child services is here and they want to take us away from you.”
“What!?” “Why!?” “You can't do that.” my mom said.
“Ma’am we got an anonymous report saying you were out all day and leaving your kids at the care of your 17 year old daughter.” The man said
“But… but.” my mom couldn't say anything. “So for the kids own safety we have to take them to, a foster home.”
“A foster home!” I shouted. “But we have our mom you can't do that.” “My brothers need me.”
“I'm sorry but you're not old enough to take care of them and your mom is not in conditions to take care of all three of you.”  “We are aware of her drinking problem too.” Another man and a women came along. “Take them.” The man ordered. “No! No!” I yelled trying to run towards my brothers. But i couldn't, all i felt was a sharp pinch and everything went blurry and i started feeling dizzy. “Do something mom.” I tried saying in between my dizziness. But all i got to see was my mom being taken away crying, and my brothers crying for me and after that i never knew about my brothers, friends, or my mom. I woke up at a nice room filled with books and the wall painted a pinkish color. With nice white curtains and a chair at the end of the bookshelf. I noticed a lady looking at me. “Where am I?” I asked.
You're in Smith's Foster Home, honey.”
“And my brothers?!”  “Where are my brothers!” I said starting to panic. I didn't know they were in another foster home. “Your brothers are okay, but due to their age they had to be sent to another foster home.”  “This foster home is for teenagers like you.”
“No it can't be.” I started crying. “My brothers”. I whispered. The lady patted me in the back saying “it's going to be okay.”  I just kept nodding my head and rocking back and forward. Nothing was ever the same since that day. One year later it had showed up that a married couple wanted to “adopt” me. I was 17 when i got to the foster home and 19 was the old enough age to leave the foster home. I was about to be 18 in months and i had decided that at 18 i wanted to leave. But the Cooper family decided that they wanted me as their daughter. I hadn't been long in this foster home and it wasn't bad but i also didn't know what it was to have a mom or even a family that wanted me. My mom didn't care about me and i was like a mom to my brothers basically. And i didn't have a dad. All i knew was that he left my mom pregnant after Matthew because he didn't want us anymore. I meet the Cooper family and they seemed really nice and excited about the idea of adopting me. Which is why i decided to accept. Months later i was a new member of their family. Everything was nice but there were moments where i thought about my brothers. What had happened to them? Where they ever adopted? How has it been for them? I had all these questions in me and i never forgot about them. I hoped to see them one day and also hoped to Sarah and Jenny, i had missed them so much.

    Twenty years had passed and i was the owner of most of the Cooper buildings. You can pretty much say i was rich and well educated. I never knew it was going to be possible to happen but there it was. The moment i had been waiting for. It was one day that i was walking toward the main entrance of the building and saw a tall man standing there. Apparently he looked like he was looking for someone. He had black hair, dark brown eyes, and a familiar face. “Hey,” he said.  “Im looking for Sofia Cooper,” and he smiled. That was one i recognized the smile.

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