I Played Myself

October 23, 2017
By EthanLam BRONZE, Cupertino, California
EthanLam BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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“OUCH!!” I screamed. All of a sudden everybody turned their attention to the boy yelping in pain. The environment suddenly was quite as I was feeling sudden emotions banging on my face because I was panicking. All I knew was...that was a bad idea.

It was hot and sunny as the sun was shining against my face. I was a little boy in 3rd grade at that time being one of the shortest in class. I was exhausted. I was at my aunt’s house for a huge gathering to celebrate her birthday. On their lawn, they had a jumping house that my cousin’s and I was playing on. Usually I don’t hangout with my cousins so I was excited when I met them at the party.

After jumping on the jumping house, we got bored and started thinking of games to play. After what seemed to feel like forever, we decided to play truth or dare. We had a lot of fun doing some weird dares because nobody liked to “waste” their turn picking truth. One of my cousins called Aon was creative but it took him almost forever to think of a good idea. He was almost like a daredevil and he would do any challenges that faced him. Sometimes he would take so long me and my other crazy cousin named Aiden would want to quit the game we were playing. On the other hand, I had a crazy cousin who does anything just to the win the game. Although he was a bad sport, and a try hard, he was kind. When we started the game, nothing interesting happened because we were mostly doing weird things like doing funny things to people.  After a couple rounds everything was okay. Nothing really big happened until the 6th round. I chose a dare from Aon, then we waited a couple of minutes until he said slide down on the slide bar of the slide. The slide bar was used as a soft wall to keep you not falling of the slide but they wanted me to slide on the area. 

By the thought of what he was telling me to do, I thought nothing would go wrong and it would seem easy enough as almost no challenge. I slowly walked to the slide thinking thinking what I was going to say next for the dare that I was going to give. I slowly got on the side bar and slid down the bar. Halfway there, I lost my balance and...I fell on my head with a sharp thud. The jumping house was also located on the cement and not the grass.  Once I fell down I started screaming, all the eyes darted to my attention and I freaked out screaming even more, louder than I ever had. After I stopped it took my cousin’s around 3 minutes before they actually figured out that I was on the floor. When I was feeling better, there was a small bump on my head I could barely feel, my knees and elbows were scraped with blood dripping on the floor, and one of my toenail was messed up. I felt really embarrassed as the center of the attention constantly screaming when I fell.  This was way out of what I was expecting. I knew I had messed up and I had played myself.

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