Rose and Daisy

October 17, 2017
By Redcherry27 SILVER, Easton, Pennsylvania
Redcherry27 SILVER, Easton, Pennsylvania
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Once upon a time a girl named Rose had a friend named Daisy. Rose was starting to fall for Daisy with romantic feelings. Rose invited Daisy everywhere, no matter how far or how close it was. A simple walk to the school bus would have been simply fine for Rose. It was just having Daisy there as company was all Rose needed. Once Rose graduated from high school she did not get to see Daisy as often as she used too. While Rose stood at the bus stop waiting for the city bus to go to work she picked the one right across the street from Daisy’s house at the same time Daisy would be walking out her house for school. It was the fact that Rose got to see Daisy in all the littlest ways. When Rose dropped out of college and found a new job it was harder to find ways to see Daisy. She would send out a little text here and there in just hopes Daisy didn’t forget about her.

The first time Rose felt feelings for Daisy was when they first hung out for the first time. It was on a coldish 4th of July night, and as they walked across the bridge Daisy’s mother took a photo of them. Rose just looks back on that photo every time she wants to remember how she felt that day. 

Daisy invited Rose to go to a comic con. Rose loved anime but never ever went to a comic con before. The whole time Rose stayed with Daisy because she didn’t want to leave her side. They ate lots of food and played a board game that Rose just kept on winning. They attended seminars and watched a band play. It was as if the day couldn’t be any better. All rose wanted to do from this moment on was tell Daisy how she felt, but years went by until Rose could put the feelings into words.

Over the summer Rose saw Daisy’s family in weird outings without Daisy but then Rose would text Daisy almost immediately. The one time where Rose did see Daisy again all the feelings had come to surface with one little smile. That was all Rose needed to get through that night. Once Daisy walked away that day Rose texted her and they talked and talked and talked for hours. It was as if nothing had changed. After that little meeting they made sure to text each other everyday no matter what was going on in their lives.

Rose invited Daisy to see a movie about a clown and to go to dinner. The thing was Rose hated clowns but having Daisy there seemed to help. During the movie Rose placed her hand over Daisy’s during the scary parts. That’s the thing the whole movie seemed to be scary. Before the movie they went to dinner and after they walked around the parking lot because they had time to kill. Everytime Rose and Daisy are together it's like the whole world stands still and it is just them. When Rose talks to Daisy she just learns so much about her and her life.

Rose invited Daisy to a band event for their brothers. Daisy was unsure if she could go because she had a lot of homework to be done. When Rose showed up to the event she sat with Daisy the whole time. They got their siblings candy to surprise them and Rose got some snack food. While they sat there and watched the bands perform they whispered their favorite parts or something they didn’t like about them as well. At the end of the night they hugged goodbye, but as Rose watched Daisy walk away a little piece inside her glowed because this is the person she’s supposed to end up with and finally be happy with.

The next thing Rose invited Daisy too was the pumpkin patch but Daisy was going to be going away that weekend. Daisy had a better idea and invite Rose to see a movie in the park. Rose of course agreed to go because it was another thing they could do and hang out. When Rose got picked up to go to the movie she sat next to Daisy and everything was right with the world again. Before the movie they set up the blankets and talked for a while. During the movie as long as their hands were touching Rose felt complete. Once the day was over Rose was really sad to leave Daisy but Rose was overly happy because the time they spent together was the best time ever.

The next time that Rose and Daisy hang out it will be halloween.

Rose turned to ask Daisy….

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this was the fact im trying to tell my crush how i feel and the only way i know is by writing a story 

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