Worst Campout Ever

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

I have been on many campouts, but this specific campout I will never forget because everything went wrong. There were three of us Anish, Yash, and I drove up to Sonoma county State Park and by the time we arrived, the sun had set. The whole campsite looked barren with the lack of trees.

       My patrol had just finished pitching their tents and began setting up the stove. I asked my Patrol Leader, Anish, “Anyone else part of the Bobcat Patrol here besides Yash?” He told me that he,Yash,and I were the only people in the patrol who were coming. He then said,” Why did you get here late?” I told him that our driver had stop to charge his Tesla Model X. Then after I responded, I went straight to bed because it was past curfew.

I woke up and looked into the sky, it looked unwelcoming. Anish sent me to get water from the spigot because we were cooking rice for dinner. I came back and slowly poured the water into the pot. We turned on the stove and saw nothing happen. We checked the propane and quickly realized we were out of propane. Therefore, we would be unable to cook. I said,”Great, out of propane and can’t cook. I’m sure there's no way this could get any worse.” Before anyone could say anything else, it started to rain. We rushed to put our supplies away in the storage cabinet. But it was too late. Our clothes and food and cooking supplies were soaked. We were cold, wet, and hungry

          Anish said,” Yash you were the Quartermaster. It was your job to check if we needed anything. If we are missing  anything it's your responsibility to get a hold of it.” He then shoved Yash. Then in retaliation, Yash kicked him.   Anish said,” I've lost my patience with you, every time we have scout meetings you sit around doing nothing while we do all the work.”

       “That's not true!,” said Yash.             

       I got between them and I said,” Don’t fight, if the scoutmaster sees us we’re screwed! ”  These words made them stop fighting and look for a way the solve our problem. We remembered that we brought firestarters. We set up a tarp and made a campfire at the edge. We used the fires to dry off. I ate a trail mix bar and then went into the tent. I felt relieved because even though it felt like it wouldn't get any better, we were able to pull ourselves together and make the situation more bearable.

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