Disfiguring my Neighbor's Yard

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

“Come on” I said to Ahana, one of my best friend. “NO, I’ve said no for the millionth time already why don’t you guys get it?” “Because you never do anything fun” said Sanvi, my other best friend. “Vandalizing someone’s yard is not fun by the way” Ahana replied. “We aren’t vandalizing the yard, we’re going to  just soak their entire backyard with water and then throwing away his rock collection, I mean who even needs a rock collection?” I asked. “Why can’t we just do something else that is actually fun?” She asked, “Fine you can go back and spend time with my grandma and we’ll go and do something that we think and everyone else thinks is actually fun.”
It was summer between fourth and fifth grade my best friends had come over to my house to spend the day, we were in my backyard about to do something which I would never regret but I maybe should have regretted. My backyard was approximately 10,000 square feet of mostly lawn and a little bit of concrete. The backyard was not balanced between the width and length it was stretched so far back it would take around a minute and a half to walk to the other end of the lot. There was a huge cactus plant and several premature fruit trees which made it tiring to water them since they were so distant from each other.
Ahana, who stood in the middle of my backyard, and could not help me get revenge on my neighbors who clearly deserved it for being annoying. Well, it was only their kids that were annoying I mean they literally smashed my mom’s flower pots in the backyard, used my bike, scooter, and ripstik without my permission, and threw rocks into the backyard while my brother was playing there, and he was only one year old. Those kids also happened to only be two years younger than me but they had seemed like they had lost their common sense, and they acted like amateurish sewer rats.
I had decided to ask Ahana one more time, because I knew this time it would work “Are you coming or not?” I asked sternly. “Fine” she replied back to me. So we walked to the westmost side of my backyard where my house shared the fence with my neighbor’s fence. I jumped to grab the top of the fence with my hand and stepped on the wooden ledge on the fence, and pulled myself over. “Isn’t there some sort of ladder or something.” Ahana asked, I told Sanvi to throw over the garden hose and she did and then climbed over. Once Ahana climbed over, we remembered that someone had to be on the other side to turn on the hose so Ahana climbed back over again and turned the hose on. Water gushed out of the pipe and we let the water run  until there backyard looked like the aftermath of a tsunami. The mud turned into a total liquid and covered up all of the perfectly trimmed green lawn and the stucco on the exterior of their house was totally wet but it hadn’t changed to much. I realized then that what I had done was not enough and that I had to destroy my neighbor’s backyard even more. I then smashed my neighbor’s son’s rock collection into pieces and then threw them. “Uh guys we are going are going overboard here” Ahana admonished, and Sanvi agreed with her. I was shocked at Sanvi’s reaction so I said “Let’s just do one more thing,” then Sanvi agreed with me. So we decided to leave their shed door open and take everything inside of it out. We took several attempts at opening their shed door because it was stuck then Sanvi attempted to pull the door one more time and the door broke off. “Let’s go back” I said quickly and we climbed over the fence hurriedly and ran back home. As soon as we arrived Ahana said “ I told you it was a bad idea, now look what happened.” “Whatever” Sanvi and air replied in unison.
A few hours later we heard a knock on my front door Sanvi had already left so Ahana and ai slowly went down the stairs and opened it. The woman standing there was my neighbor, my grandma and mom also came to the front door. My neighbor asked “Did you do anything to our backyard.” We simply replied “No,” and lied to her straight in the face, then we ran up the stairs and went to my bedroom. “We actually vandalized their yard even if your plan was not to vandalize their yard in the beginning.” Ahana yelled at me. We decided to never do something crazy like that because there would always be a crazy result in the end that may get us in trouble next time. I asked Ahana “Wait, did you see a security camera or something in their backyard?” “You know what nevermind” I instantly replied, it was a mistake and it will never happen again.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write about this piece because I had never actually told anyone about this incident and wanted to to. I hope people will understand not to take revenge on others even though they are bad to you because the result will be bad.

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