Hailey’s Best Friend

October 27, 2017
By rileycrabtree BRONZE, Athens,tx, Texas
rileycrabtree BRONZE, Athens,tx, Texas
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Hailey was a girl that was very shy, she didn’t have any friends and she was poor. She lived with her mom and little sister. Her dad died 6 years before when she was 4. She had been homeschooled her whole life, and her mom wanted to get her in a actual school for her 4th grade year.

Her mom had been a stay at home mom since Hailey was born. Hailey’s mom got a job working at a small diner in town. She made $10 a day 5 days a week. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to pay for their school supplies.
Three days before school started, a family moved into the house next to them, so Hailey went to introduce herself. She knocked on the door and a boy about the same age as her answered the door. “ Hi, im Hailey.”
They talked for about thirty minutes, until his mom told him to start unpacking his things, so he had to go inside. Hailey was happy, she finally made a friend. The next couple days went by fast.

Hailey woke to her mom yelling, “Get up it’s the first day of school!” .Hailey was excited about going to an actual school, but she was also very nervous about making new friends. She got dressed and packed her lunch. She hopped in her mom’s car, and they drove off. 15 minutes later when she got to school, she saw the boy next door. He looked lost. Hailey walked by him, She looked at his schedule, then she looked at hers and noticed they had the same class. They walked up and down the halls until finally they found their class. They walked in and was introduced by their teacher. “Hello, I’m Mrs. Masson.”

They picked a seat at the back of the room. Mrs Masson talked about the rules the whole class. Eight long hours later, school was over, and everybody crowded the hallways to go home. They waited for their parents.

Five minutes later, Hailey’s mom picked her up, but her friend didn’t have a ride. Hailey’s mom decided to take him home too. The whole way, Hailey’s mom asked her friend questions. Hailey also had one question: she had never asked what his name was.

He said his name was Ethan. They pulled into Hailey’s driveway, and Ethan walked to his house. The next day, he didn’t come to school. Hailey wondered where he was.

Then a few days passed, and nobody heard from him. The weekend came, and she knocked on his door, his mom answered crying. “What’s wrong” ,Hailey asked.

Her mother began to cry. “You friend Ethan has died in a car accident with his dad.”

Hailey broke down into tears, she ran home and cried herself to sleep. A couple of days later at Ethan’s funeral, she walked over to the casket and told him how much fun it was hanging out with him. Then she moved to sit by Ethan’s mom and sat down.

After the funeral, Hailey went home. Her,her mom, and her sister all sat at the table and ate a silent dinner. Nobody said a word. Hailey hated looking out her window and see Ethan’s house. It her emotional thinking about Ethan and how much fun they had together. Ethan was her first friend, her best friend.

She never would’ve thought this could happen to him, he was an innocent boy. A couple weeks passed, and Hailey saw a moving truck at Ethan’s house. Ethan’s mom was putting all their things in a truck. A couple days later, there was a new car at their house, a tall man got out of it and walked inside the house. Hailey got curious, so she walked to the house and knocked on the door. The man answered the door. “Can I help you?”. Hailey asked him where Ethan’s mother was, he looked at her confused.“Who’s Ethan?”

Hailey knew it: Ethan’s family moved away. She never saw the family again, but she thought about Ethan everyday.

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