The Unexpected

October 19, 2017
By reina.angiee BRONZE, Moreno Valley, California
reina.angiee BRONZE, Moreno Valley, California
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    It was the beginning of fall, Stephanie’s sophomore year. Stephanie had been worried for a few weeks now because her period was late. She was too scared to confront her parents about the situation. So Stephanie knew she had to go to her closest friend instead. The next day in school Stephanie and her friend Rachel sat at the lunch tables and talked. “You should really go to the doctor just to be safe” Rachel said. “You’re right” Stephanie replied. Later that afternoon, Stephanie got home from school, she decided to call her doctor. “Hello, this Is Stephanie Murray. I was calling to schedule an appointment. My period has been late for a few days now.” Her appointment was scheduled early morning the next day. “Stephanie! Dinner is ready!” her mother yelled. Stephanie ran down stairs and sat down at the dinner table. “Who were you talking to?” asked her mother. “Oh, my doctor called and told me that I had to go in tomorrow morning for a checkup appointment” replied Stephanie. “Why did your doctor call you and not me?” Her mother asked. “I don’t know, he just did” Stephanie replied. “Okay, I will take you tomorrow morning” her mother said.

 In that cold October morning, Stephanie sat in the doctor’s office anxiously waiting for the doctor to return with her results. Hoping for good news Stephanie kept her fingers crossed as the doctor walked back into the room. “I’m not sure whether this is good or bad news dear, but it seems you are pregnant, and that’s why your period has been late.” Stephanie sat there in shock. “You are roughly about 1 month along” doctor Jacobs said. Stephanie could not say a word. She was still in shock over the news. She could not picture herself as a mother at only fifteen years old. Stephanie could not bear to tell the news to her mother. “Can you help me tell my mother about this?” Stephanie asked Dr.Jacobs. “Of course” he replied. Dr.Jacobs walked out into the waiting room and called Stephanie’s mother in. “Mrs. Murphy, I’m sorry to be the barrier of bad news, but your daughter Stephanie is pregnant” Dr.Jacobs said. Stephanie’s mother was not happy at all. Due to the fact her mother was pregnant at a young age as well. She did not want her daughter to have a baby at that age either. Her mother wanted to make sure of that. Stephanie didn’t want to do what her mother wanted her to.  She wanted to take responsibility for her actions. The next day at school Stephanie could not wait to tell Rachel the news. “So what did the doctor tell you?” Rachel asked. “I’m pregnant” Stephanie replied. Racheal was in shock. “Well, are you going to keep it?” She asked. “Of course I am” Stephanie replied. Rachel continued to ask Stephanie so many questions about motherhood and her future. Stephanie did not have the answers to anything Rachel was asking her. She did not know a thing about being a mother or how to raise a child. She was also unaware of how to take care of a child while going to school. It was pretty obvious that Stephanie was clueless about the whole situation.

  Later that day when Stephanie got home from school her mother asked her “Are you going to tell your boyfriend you are pregnant?” Stephanie hesitated to answer her mother. “Everybody is going to find out eventually Stephanie” her mother said. Hearing her mother say that frightened Stephanie. She could not imagine everybody knowing about her pregnancy.  Stephanie knew she had to do what was right. She picked up the phone and called her boyfriend. “Hey let's meet up tonight at Tams” asked Stephanie. “Alright sure, whatever you want” her boyfriend replied.      

Stephanie got herself ready and began to walk to their favorite diner. It was just a few blocks away from her house. When Stephanie arrived she noticed her boyfriend Tristin had already ordered food for them. She sits down and just blurts it right out “I’m pregnant”. Tristin stayed quiet for a few moments and said “That’s great Hun.” Stephanie could not believe his response to her news.  “You think me being pregnant is great”? She asked. “Of course, we are going to be great parents, and he is going to be the cutest kid” Tristin responded. “He?" She asked. “Yeah Hun he, its definitely going to be a boy dummy” Tristin said.  “So you think we should keep it”? Stephanie asked. “Of course that’s my son, and I’ll take care of him.” Stephanie believed what her boyfriend had told her. When Stephanie went to school the next day everybody was talking about her and her pregnancy. Stephanie didn’t know how everybody found out. The only people that knew were her boyfriend and Rachel. Stephanie saw Tristin walking down the school hallway and she stopped him. “Hey did you tell anybody I was pregnant?” She asked. “No, of course not” he replied. Stephanie could not imagine her best friend Rachel telling anybody she was pregnant. Soon Stephanie realized she was wrong. Rachel walked right past her as if she didn’t even know Stephanie. Stephanie did not understand what she had done wrong. Stephanie went home and talked to her mother about the situation she was having with Rachel, and her mother simple replied “Mothers don’t have friends, they have acquaintances, friends don’t stick around forever sweetheart, just live with it” her mother said. Stephanie listened to her mother’s advice and didn’t let the situation get to her.

 As Stephanie began to gain more weight and it started to become more noticeable that she was pregnant her other classmates would poke fun at her. “Were glad you’re finally gaining weight you were so skinny” some girls would say. “I’m sure she’s going to drop out”, Stephanie overheard students in class. “The dad is not going to stick around”, “I don’t even know why she’s keeping that baby, “she’s ruining her life” others would say. “Ever heard of a condom?” They all asked her. It eventually all got too much for her that she stopped going to school. Her boyfriend eventually stopped answering her phone calls and messages. It was pretty clear she was going to be a single parent. She never imagined herself a teen mom, yet alone a single parent. For the last months of her pregnancy, Stephanie dwelled on the fact she will be all alone in the up brining of her child. All of her dwell lead her to become more and more depressed and had even considered taking her own life. She felt as if her life was worthless without friends and a boyfriend. Stephanie felt there was only one true reason for her to still be alive and that reason was her unborn child. She knew that in just a few short weeks she would be holding her dear child in her arms. Stephanie and her mother had not been in a good place throughout her whole pregnancy. Stephanie could not come to her mother for any help or advice because her mother didn’t care what she did with her life anymore. Mrs. Murphy felt as if Stephanie had already messed up her life by deciding to keep the unborn child. Her mother wanted no part of her soon to be grandchild’s life, she made it clear to Stephanie.

 Stephanie didn’t really think there was much to learn about taking care of a newborn. It was safe to say Stephanie was completely oblivious to the matter. She was too naive to understand that raising a child takes a village. Stephanie had been feeling pain all day in her stomach but was too scared to tell her mother because she still had weeks before she was due. Therefore, Stephanie didn’t think much of it. One hot summer night Stephanie was awoken by a very sharp pain in her abdomen. She had never felt such a horrible pain in her life. She quickly went into her mother’s room, “Mom! I think it is time to go to the hospital” Stephanie said. “Don’t be ridiculous” her mother said. “You’re not due for weeks” her mother continued. Her mother went right back to sleep. Stephanie decided to call an ambulance instead. “Hello, this is an emergency I think I am going into labor”! Stephanie yelled. In just a few short minutes the ambulance was banging on the front door. What seemed like hours of terrible pain was finally over. Stephanie could not remember a thing. Once she woke up, Stephanie saw her daughters face and all the pain went away. It was not a boy as Tristin had hoped and she couldn’t have been happier. Stephanie did not know she was having a baby girl so she did not have a name chosen out for her. It did not take Stephanie long to figure out a name. Yet she always knew if she had a daughter her name would be Alania. Alania had always been Stephanie’s favorite name, she wished that was her name. So, of course she would give the name to her daughter. Stephanie tried calling Tristin several times to let him know she had given birth already but he did not answer any of her calls. After a few short days in the hospital Stephanie was finally glad to take her daughter home. As soon as she got home neither of her parents even asked if she was okay or if the baby was a boy or girl.

  Just as during her pregnancy she was all alone except just with a newborn child now. Alania had only been home for a week and Stephanie was already so exhausted and running on barely any sleep. Alania cried all day and night simply because Stephanie just didn’t know what she was doing at all. She did not know when to feed her, when to change her, or anything. Stephanie knew she was not capable of taking on this huge responsibility. Stephanie began looking into adoption because she knew that’s what she should have done from the beginning. So she got in contact with an adoption agency and they agreed to help her find the perfect family for Alania. Alania had been a month old already and Stephanie started to get the hang of being a mother and she loved it. She loved being with her baby girl all the time and cradling her and seeing her smile. She began to rethink putting her daughter up for adoption. In just a few days the adoption agency got in contact with her and told her they had found somebody who would love to adopt her daughter Alania. Stephanie was now faced with a huge decision to make. She didn’t have a clue about what to do. She knew she loved her baby girl and she knew she loved being with her all the time but that was about all. Although Stephanie could not provide for her and always made sure she has food and a roof over her head. “Just because she’s my daughter doesn’t mean she has to stay with me” Stephanie told herself. “I am her Mother but I cannot take care of her financial her whole life” she continued. “She deserves to live in a big house with good clothes and food to eat and surrounded by people who love her” she said to herself. “I cannot provide her with any of that” she said. Stephanie knew adoption was the right thing to do for her and her daughter’s future. Her daughter deserved more than she could provide her with. Stephanie met with the potential adoptive parents and discussed with them her situation.

  Within that same moment Stephanie definitely knew this was the right couple for Alania. It was a couple who could not have children but wanted one so badly. Their names were Bryan and Gabriel and they were the happiest couple Stephanie had ever seen. Yes, Alania would have two dads but Stephanie did not care as long as her daughter was loved and taken care of. Stephanie would have to hand her over within a few days. Stephanie cherished those last days she would get to spend with her daughter. “You are so loved” she constantly told Alania. “You will always be loved” she continued. It was finally time for Stephanie to give Alania to Gabriel and Bryan and she couldn’t help but break down in tears. She slowly kissed Alania on the forehead. “I love you so much baby girl, always remember that, I am doing what is best for you Sweetheart, please don’t hate me for this” Stephanie said to Alania. “Please take care of her, She means everything to me” Stephanie said. “Of course we will dear, don’t worry about a thing” Bryan said. Stephanie said one last goodbye to Alania and left.

 The whole drive home Stephanie felt like she made a bad decision. Stephanie did not know what she was going to do now without her daughter. She spent all her days with her daughter. What is she to do now? Stephanie knew that just by staying home all day she would begin to get depressed again. She decided she wanted to go back to school and get her life straight for Alania. She told her mom that she wanted to go back to school that same day. “I’m glad to hear that dear, its time you get your priorities straight” Mrs. Murphy said. Stephanie knew that her mother was implying Alania but she didn’t let it get to her. Her mother went to enroll her back in school the next day and Stephanie couldn’t be happier. Stephanie did not know how people would react to her going back to school but she did not really care what anybody thought of her anymore. The following morning Stephanie got up and got ready for school. As soon as Stephanie walked through the school doors she knew she would be starting a new path in her life again. She saw Tristin and she saw Rachel but they did not say a word to her. Everybody talked about her in all her classes and in the hallways. “She really came back?” Some kids asked. “Where’s her baby?” Others asked. “She’s still fat” Some girls said. Stephanie didn’t pay attention to their comments one bit. Stephanie knew she was a bigger person and more mature than her classmates. Everything Stephanie had been through made her a stronger person and that is something others envied.

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