October 19, 2017

It all started when she was 15. Thinking she found the love of her life but in reality he was just like the others. Her mom had warned her about boys but she was just a stubborn teenager. One night her boyfriend had persuade her to send naked pictures to him. So she did. She woke up the next morning to the sound of her phone blowing up with messages and notifications. Her boyfriend had posted the naked pictures she had sent on social media. Crying, she had called him to take the pictures down but he didn’t listen and kept them up. Dreading she knew she had school in a few hours. Arriving at school she never expected she would become a victim of bullying. Groups and groups of students would make nasty gestures with the pictures. She ran to the bathroom crying just a notice on the back of the bathroom stall is her naked pictures. Ripping them down she walked out of the bathroom wiping her tears away. She was stopped by her laughing boyfriend saying this is all just a joke and saying she needed to relax. She pulled away and left the school. Each day got worse and she became depressed. She didn’t have anyone even her parents. Each day she started to lose weight but soon everyone noticed. Calling her names and even physically touching her because they knew she was weak. Going home was another living hell because her parents always fought. She couldn’t handle anything anymore so instead she wanted to leave a note:
My name is Chloe Rebecca Wilson. I am 15 years old and I’m a victim of bullying. No one even cares anymore honestly. My parents don’t have attention for me and everyone at school has seen my naked picture all because of my boyfriend. I’m done trying, I’m done eating, I’m done living. I just feel like no one cares and everything I do I’m going to get tortured. I’m done…I just wanna say this is my goodbye. I can’t anymore. I’m done with the name calling and being physically and mentally hurt. I will finally be free so I guess this is a goodbye forever.

If you hours later Chloe had hung herself in her room. No one expected it they all played it as a joke until now. Her boyfriend had went to her parents crying and apologizing and saying it was all just a joke, but her parents filed a lawsuit and he was thrown in jail. Meanwhile there is farther investigation with everyone else in the school. She was remembered as a smart loving girl but to some people she was remembered as a slut. This was the story of Chloe Rebecca Wilson.

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