October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

I tried opening the door again. It didn’t move. I tried turning the lock. It made a weird noise. We were trapped. I looked at my brother and sighed. I could see that he was scared.
    My family was at our grandparent’s house for the summer.  My brother and I had gone inside the room. The door clicked behind us. I tried opening the door. It wouldn’t budge. Could we actually be trapped inside our own room?! Nah, that only happens inside movies. I tried again and again. That was a mistake. The door knob fell off. My heart started beating faster and faster. We banged on the door. Nobody answered. I heard a door close. Our parents have left the house with us trapped inside it!
My mom told me that the lock was more than thirty years old, and nobody had replaced the lock. I pulled out my phone from my pocket and… I left my phone outside. Quick! Find a way to get out. Aha! The window! I opened the window and… we were on the second floor. It was no use. There were no more exits. I sat down and thought to myself, Was this the end? Are we going to be stuck here forever? 
Sometime later, there was a person that knocked on the door. It was my mom. She said she had the key to the door. She opened the door. The door to the room closed while we were distracted. My mom had left the keys outside. We all sighed.

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