October 3, 2017
By MatthewKabyemera BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
MatthewKabyemera BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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        I remember the day when I first had my wild experience. My experience was learning how to roller skate. Since last year in North Carolina, I went to a place to roller skate with Joyce called Jelly Beans. This was my first time roller skating, so I will think I’ll trip and fall. When I put my skates on and rolled to the rink, I saw a lot of people rolling around the rink like a never ending cycle and hearing the sound(whir-whir-whir) on the rink. I had trouble rolling and then I lost balance and fell to the rink a couple of times. I struggled to skate out of the rink and I went to Joyce and she said “All you have to do is maintain balance and skate in a smooth rhythm. Trust me, I know I have faith in you.” Then I did what my mom told me and skated back to the rink. I skated in a smooth rhythm and maintained balance. I noticed that I’m skating much faster than before! I finally mastered roller skating and made my mom proud.
        I also remember another memory of roller skating. In Austin, Texas, my mom wanted tolerance how to roller skate. I felt pleased to help her how to skate so she learn how to maintain balance and skate in a good pace. Teaching her was hard because she kept falling and having trouble balancing on her own. But practice makes perfect. Joyce can finally skate on her own. I felt great because I noticed myself a good teacher I am to my mother. Since I felt tired of skating too long, I saw my mom sitting on a table and I asked her what’s wrong. She said that she broke her leg by falling on her leg first. I felt sorry for her because of her broken leg. When we left, Joyce was able to walk but not nicely. I told her that her leg will be alright and it will take some time to heal. Weeks passed, and then the good news is that my mom’s leg is healed! We felt happy about that because Joyce can finally walk nicely. We feel proud of our own experiences in life because that’s what makes us skilled and who we are.

The author's comments:

I wrote a narrative about my experiences of rollerskating because I remembered my experiences when I was young, so I chose my experience of rollerskating.

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