The cold,

September 23, 2017
By bethxx BRONZE, Strood, Other
bethxx BRONZE, Strood, Other
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The harsh wind blew across my face like a whip, leaving my eyes tearing up, and my cheeks red raw. I remember that my whole body was shaking violently, yet I couldn't move.

The atmosphere kept me frozen in time, watching as the remaining birds swooped in the sky, leaving me alone. Behind me stood a broken body, my body. 

I looked up at the grey, dull sky. The colour sickening, down to the stomach. My heart aching. Shattered. 

The cold numbing my body, but not my heart. 

The author's comments:

This short piece just sends an insight of a broken heart, how it's feels to be alone. 

Although it doesn't much sense, the meaning behind it is that once you have a broken heart, everything seems cold and numb, except that ache in your heart.

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