Ship to Earth

September 28, 2017
By kelsea.r.boles BRONZE, Tool, Texas
kelsea.r.boles BRONZE, Tool, Texas
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Confusion. Panic.
The only words that could describe my mind in that situation. I didn’t know what to think. The alarms were sounding. The guards were running. I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t know it would end up like this, if I did I would’ve never done it. I just leaped for the first option I saw. The door, the ship, the only way out.

It all started with my idea. We wanted to get out of that horrid place, so I suggested a break out.
Bu-but it wasn’t all my fault, right?
  No, no there’s no way this is all my fault, but is it?
Then, my train of thought is broken by Holden’s screams. He had stepped into one of the Valers’ traps.
Again the rush: the rush I felt on the ship, the confusion, the panic. Soon we heard the Valers. They were headed our way! We needed to do something, quick!
Everyone turned to me. Me: the so called “leader”: I am expected to get us out of this… But I was frozen. Couldn't move even a muscle.
Trista soon stepped in and took charge. “Cut down the ropes! We need to get him out of there, fast!” Within seconds, he was out and in good shape so, what did we do?
  We ran.
We ran as fast as our legs would let us run.
     When we made it back to camp, we realized something, Jace was gone! 
Pacing. Thinking. Where could he be? Did the Valers get him? No, he is the fastest out of all of us, Jace was way ahead. He got lost; yes, that’s it. We just need to find him.
None of us remembered living on Earth. It started to become radioactive when we were just being born. Some say we got lucky, since they left so many people on Earth. The government chose us.
Then we got into trouble. Put in jail.The only people we had left was each other, it was just Holden, Jace, Trista, and, me. Even our parents had turned their heads on us. In that time, the ship started dying. They had to make it last longer, and the only way how was to make more room in the ship. Downsize. Kill. They were going to kill all prisoners. We’re only kids. We had to get out of there, so we did.
We left. 

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