Nightingale and the Star

September 30, 2017
By Sedra Tanta SILVER, Damascus, Other
Sedra Tanta SILVER, Damascus, Other
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A starry night, the moon is in the middle of the clear sky.
"It's the same star,"  he said. "How do you know it ? There are a lot of stars and maybe it is not the same one we've seen the last time," she said.

"This star is different, or I think it has something different and special that I didn't find it in the others." he explained.

"What are you saying, Harry?! I don't understand what are you talking about? It's just a star and this is the whole story,"  she said in wondering .

"Maybe you will not understand me, Kate, it's difficult to demonstrate!" he puzzled over.

"What is the difficult?!" she asked.

"This star is more than a star for me, it reflects all the sentiment and adoration which they are hidden in my heart," he talked as well as he was looking to the sky.

"Hush, I can understand everything right now, how lucky is that lass?!! " she said that in gaily.

"Genuinely , this star I've found it in your eyes , you are the same brilliant, the unique and all the details," he talked with a passion.

"These words are so freaking lovely and effective , it touched off my heart , let me be your star,"  she said with a shining in her eyes.

"And I will still staring at you," he pronounced them with a lot of love.

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