September 28, 2017
By Akshay123321 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
Akshay123321 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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The year 1969. The date… I don’t remember. Tom Shadow has had a dark upbringing in South Chicago. Survival for him is kill or be killed. When he was 10, his parents were mugged and killed for only 100$. From that day on, Tom made it his life goal to get his revenge. He grew up on the streets catching and cooking his own food until someone took pity on him when he was 15. They adopted him and put him in a private school. He never had any friends and was always by himself.

Tom is now a detective and is 21 years old. He is the youngest detective, and he is driven by unhealthy revenge. Savage quickly raised through the ranks of detective and was making a name for himself in the detective world. Using his cunningness and skills he made South Chicago a much safer place. Criminals were very afraid of him. He had taken down all but 1 gang in South Chicago and still hasn’t found his parents killer. He knew if he saw the killer's face I would recognize him. All the detectives knew this was his 1 sole purpose, his fuel that pushed him to fight harder.

There is one gang until all the crime lords in South Chicago are eradicated. It is my duty, my sole purpose to finish this last gang off. This is what I've been working for my whole life. I will put every last one of those filthy gang criminals in chains and watch them be shipped off to jail. Hopefully, I will finally find the man who killed my parents and I will make him wish he never lived. When and if I find him my knuckles will be red with his blood. Now I will go under one of my aliases, and I will infiltrate this last gang. They recruited me not knowing who I really am and I quickly passed all of their tests and made it to my final induction day. For them, the end was nearing. I met the leaders of this gang. The gang was called Scorpio. It had 4 leaders and 1 of them I vaguely recognized. Then I quickly realized in that dark cold room the man who is performing the induction ceremony was the man who killed my parents all those years ago. Rage was building inside me for he is the reason I am what I now am; A monster, a killer, a terror. I fought every primal instinct that made me want to jump and strangle him by that wimpy, puny, and pathetic neck of him but his time would come soon. His time will come so soon I could almost taste the triumphant feeling of his blood. I completed the induction process and for the first time in 1 month ( how long the induction process took), I was alone unguarded. I took out my phone and gave the coordinates to the police department.

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My teacher ispired me to write this article.

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