A Getaway

July 10, 2017
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The TV flashed several colorful characters across the screen as James blankly stared at it. James was sitting in his usual worn out, red leather armchair eating a bag of chips. “There is never anything on. Nothing has ever been on and nothing will ever be on. Yet everyday i find myself in this same spot, eating the same chips, watching the same program. Life sucks!” He remarks quietly to himself. James’s roommate opens the door, drops his bag and sits down in his almost brand new blue armchair. Wallace has his shirt half untucked from his pants, his tie hanging loosely around his neck, and his hair is disastrous. “James. We have got to get out of here. I’m at work all the time and I don’t think that you have ever left this room.” Just as Wallace finishes his sentence, a blaring loud advertisement comes across the television. “Are you tired of living your worst life? Are you tired of being overworked or extremely lazy?” The man in the neatly tailored blue suit with a black tie on the screen is speaking directly into the souls of James and Wallace. “If you are one of these or both, come on down to Peaceful Excitement Resort! There are so many options for you to choose from. From our quiet peaceful spa to our loudest and most rambunctious off roading activity, you can do it all!” The tv is shut off abruptly by James. “We have to go there. Now.” James says. “Wallace fill up the car and let's get outta here. It's a good 4 hour drive from where we are.”
The very next morning they head out on the road in their shared 2002 Saturn sl2. The two friends don’t plan on returning for two weeks. They are ready to have the time of their life! “I can finally get a break from working! I can take a deep breath it's been a looooong time since i have had one of those!” Wallace sighed. James, sitting behind the wheel replied,” Yeah I can't wait to get on one of those jet skis or ATV things. I’ve always dreamed of riding one of those! I might not ever want to come home.” 2 hours into the trip James’s eyes divert to the gauge cluster. “Wallace, did you fill up the car? the tank is low.” James requires. “... did I?... Was that a dream?... I guess I must have fallen asleep before I could have gone to the gas station.” James kept his eyes on the road. There was no Gas station for 75 miles and the tank could only go 50 miles. Then 45 miles. Then 30 miles. Then 20 miles. Then 10 miles. Then 5...4...3...2...1. The car finally came to a stop on the side of the road just 25 miles away from the nearest gas station. “Well we gotta push the car now” Wallace said. They had a lot of energy at the beginning of the push but as time went on they became tired. A van pulls up besides them and offers them a ride to the gas station and a free gas can to fill up the car. They get into the van and pull away to the station. When the pair return from the station the car is gone. Where could the car have gone? No one knows. A tow truck had picked up the car and drove off away from the gas station, so when they had returned the car was long gone. The pair hitched a ride with the man with the van to the resort and they had explained their misfortune to the owner. The owner was happy to give them both jobs, Wallace at the spa and James with the offroading company. The resort became their new home.

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