Its All About Where You Sit!

June 17, 2017
By AzuLia BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
AzuLia BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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"In retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful."

        Tom and Stan dropped themselves onto the wooden bench that stood on the hill. They were able to overlook the entire park at a distance. “Do you see Will?” Questioned Tom. “Nah, but I think I already told him to meet us up here. He’ll probably come.” A breeze travelled passed them and brushed through their messy hair.

        Amidst the park, a hunched old lady approached several teenagers whom were pushing each other jokingly. She pulled from her hand a small box with words that were too small to read from a distance. “Do you see that old lady?’ Stan asked. “Yeah I see her,” was Tom’s reply.


        “What do you think she is saying?”

Tom paused for a moment before speaking in the tone of an elderly person, “Oh sunny boy. Please, you gotta buy this here shampoo. I need the money and you need the hair. Ya’ see I am an old granny who needs to pay her car bills, so help me out, sunny boy!” Tom coughed before he resumed his speech in his usual voice, “That’s what I think she’s saying.”

        “What? No! That’s not what she’s selling! She’s selling Old Lady Scout Cookies!”

        “That’s not a thing.”

“I’m sure it is. It’s like girl scouts but for grandmas.”

“How come I have never seen these grandmas sell cookies before?”

“Because they strike when the time is crucial with the guilt trip method! Like, who says no to an old lady?”

“Oh! So that’s how it is?”


        Tom and Stan soon fell silent and began to observe this bald man with a black beard growing on his chin. He walked on the grey trail circling the lush park. “That poor soul,” began Stan. “He probably suffered from a lot of stress in college that his hair couldn’t take it.”

        “He’s a victim of gravity!” Tom added as he saluted to the bald man in the distance.

“Forget the bald dude! Look at those two chics over there!” Stan pointed enthusiastically.
        There were two girls of small stature racing beside each other on their skates. The girl with her long, black ponytail trailing bouncing behind her began to overtake her friend as she hunched her back and lowered her body a bit closer to the ground. Her friend tripped on a rock and skinned her knee. Her blood began to paint a dark red puddle on the trail. “Ouch! That must hurt!” Tom winced at the sight of blood.

        “Hey. Hey. I think that girl who just fell was holding Starbucks coffee in her other hand.”

        “Why do you think that?”

“Cause that small container in her hand that spilling brown stuff has gotta be Starbucks.”

“Oh is that so? Wait! Is she actually crying over her coffee being spilled?”

“It appears so, my dear Watson. We live in a cruel world. You can’t trust anyone anymore because looks are deceiving.”

“Stan! The girl who was winning turned around to help her friend!”


         The girl with the ponytail turned on her heels to help her fallen friend, but as she knelt down to inspect the bleeding; a plastic butter-knife tumbled out of her strap body purse. “Oh my! What is this?” Tom announced. A small, grey squirrel ran passed the two girls and appeared to snatch the butter knife.

        “Oh my God! The squirrel is plotting murder!” Stan told Tom with agony.

        “Man, this world has become so cruel.” Tom added.

        “Excuse me.” Interjected a tender and fragile voice. The boys turned their heads to the right to find the old lady, who was formerly in the park, beside them. “Would you like to buy cookies or shampoo?” She asked. Darn! I can’t say ‘no’ to an old lady! Stan thought. The old lady stared at them for a moment before she placed her hand at the bottom of her chin and began to peel her skin. Her skin extended forward and began to come off frighteningly fast. Tom and Stan became alarmed and began to scream as they got up to run away. Stan swiftly ran away from the old lady as Tom stumbled and fell to the ground. He panicked as the old lady continued to peel her face. Tom shrieked as he ran after his friend.


        Upon removing the face of the grandma, was a young man’s face. He had fair skin and blonde hair. This boy went by the name Will. He removed his grandma mask to reveal his face to his friends, but they ran away terrified and unable to recognize what was going on.

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