The Needle And The Cure

June 14, 2017
By rena_dorm BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
rena_dorm BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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Here, let me tell you a bit about myself before I tell you my story. My name is Selena. I am twenty five years old. I took ownership of Glendou Beauty Academy just last year. I work at Glendou as an instructor. The owner gave me his job as the owner of Glendou because he told me, “I have other things to pursue that makeup, and to be honest, I think you will do much better being the owner than I ever could.”. So that pretty much makes me the CEO of Glendou.

Alright I know what you are thinking, “Get to the point already!”. Well, you are in luck, here is my story. One night, I was closing up, and some stranger ran up to me and tackled me to the ground. I screamed for help, but no one heard or came. I got out my pepper spray, but before i could spray him, he had already stuck a needle in my arm and some sort of fluid went into my arm. I sprayed him in the eyes and he took off running down the street. But before he could get very far, he tripped due to him being blind from the pepper spray. I ran into my car, locked the doors, and drove off as fast as I could. I drove to the nearest hospital. I walked into the urgent care. The doctor came in to get me and bring me to his office. He gave me a few tests, including a blood draw to see what kind of fluid it was. He came back with the test results. “Well, it looks like either there was no fluid in the needle, but I know there was a needle involved because I can see where he got you, or the fluid must have worn off. How long ago was this?” “About an hour ago.” “Well, then I think it wore off. But since the needle might not have been clean, I am gonna send you home with some antibiotics and a tetanus shot. He gave me the shot and sent me home.

I finally got home. I got a towel and hopped into my shower. As the hot water ran down my back, I started to get really dizzy. I got out of the shower so I could go and lay down. I got on my pajamas and fell onto my bed. I got a phone call from my boss at the photo shoot. I am a hand model, so I get a lot of calls from my boss about the job. “Hey darling, could you please come in? People Magazine gave us an offer to make an ad for their magazine! The ad is due tomorrow! I need your help.” I agreed to go in. “Sure, i’ll be there ASAP. I got out of bed, drank some water, and went to the photo shoot.

I got to the shoot, did my hand modeling, and went to my best friend Kaitlynn’s house. She answered her door and let me in. I told her the whole story up until then and she knew what was wrong. She just didn't have the stuff to cure me yet. She sent me home and told me to call her is something weird happened. I got home and went to my bed. I finally fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling better than ever. Kaitlynn called me. “Hello?” I paused. My voice was no longer american, it was british. “Stop making that accent. I calle-” “No, I am not doing this on purpose!” The phone went dead silent. “Come over to my house.” I got out of bed, got into my car and drove over to her house. I got to her house and she ran out to get me and she drug me into her house. She pulled me into her basement where her lab is. “I finally found the cure is what I was gonna tell you on the phone call. So, now that your voice is messed up, i’ll give it to you right away. She gave me a cup with a blue liquid inside of it. I drank it like she said to. She sent me home.

It was a few hours later and it was starting to get dark. I took a shower and went to bed. I dreamed about riding a horse and falling into a river and drowning. I woke up in shock, and a pool of sweat. I started to check my voice for the british accent. It was american again! I called Kaitlynn and told her the news. “Yes! My project worked! Especially on my best friend for life!” She jumped around her room and dropped her phone. She picked her phone up off of the ground. “Sorry about that.” Kaitlynn was giggling for minutes after. I couldn’t help but laugh with her. After her huge laughing scene, she told me what she was gonna do now. She was going to talk to KXLY news and tell them about the scientist (Kaitlynn herself) who created a name for the new substance (Accent Serum) and created a cure for it called Accent Cure. The next day, I saw the News and saw her talking one of the anchors. I was so happy for her. She is so famous now. I am just glad she and I both got what we wanted in the end.

The author's comments:

This piece is a fiction story I made up. My story includes a person, a place, and a problem. I had to include all three of those things in my story somehow. It is about a girl who gets a needle in her arm when attacked my a stranger during the night. The doctors she goes to dont find anything. If you want to know more, read the story.

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