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June 11, 2017
By mrpeterson20 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
mrpeterson20 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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A young boy and his family do not get along in this story. Something happens in the story to get the boy mad, which ruins the relationship between the family. They have to get over it however, once the sister steps in.

Chapter 1: The Family Party

Two days until Christmas, 2014. My cousins and I were hanging out in the living room of our grandma and grandpas, watching my little brother Carter play Super Smash Brothers on the Wii. It has always been a tradition to spend the night at their house, two days before Christmas. The next day we would have Christmas with them and enjoy time with our whole family. Carter was 8, and was really into playing this game. He had his full attention on beating every other Nintendo character in the game. His attention on the game annoyed my cousin Parker, age 16, to the point where he tried to mess with Carter during his game. Parker has always loved messing with Carter, no matter the situation. My 15 year old brother and I tend to mess with Carter more when we're around Parker, even when we don't want to be mean. Together, through soft whispers and lots of hand motions, Parker and I created a plan to get Carter angry.
I sat on the couch, with Parker on my right. Carter was on the floor in front of us, holding a remote control connected to the Wii console. It was his favorite because he could press more buttons. My older brother Blake, who is only 18 months older than me, was on the floor with Carter, casually watching and trying to give him tips throughout the game.  I took a different remote, and held it under my leg. Hiding the remote from Carter would be easier to fool him than letting him see me press pause. While he started a new game, I reached my hand down and held the remote waiting for the right moment. About thirty seconds into the game, I pressed pause. Carter didn’t react immediately, but shook it off because he thought he did it himself. His first reaction is to blame someone, which was unusual. I thought he would turn and yell at us, or me specifically. My pale cheeks got a little warmer, a light pink because I tried to hide my giggles. Blake turned around to see what really

happened, he caught on fast because he got his phone out. Parker did the same. Carter unpaused the game and continued to play. I kept the remote in my hand, but also kept it hidden from Carter. I let him continue to play for a couple of minutes, but then paused it again. Carter turned around and gave us all a glare. I started giggling, but tried to hide it so I wouldn't give away our joke. My cheeks then turned a darker pink, while my giggles sounded like soft snorts. Carter´s face turned a light red, showing his anger through it. His eyebrows slid down towards his nose, staring at us. To hide my laugh, I leaned over to Parker and pretended to look at his phone, not paying attention to Carter or his emotions. He quickly turned around and un-paused his game. I could tell he continued playing through his frustration. Parker, Blake, and I went back to watching him play, until the next round he went into. Twenty seconds in, I pressed pause one more time.
Blake´s phone was out, Parker´s phone was out, and Carter´s frustration came out. Carter slammed his head on the ground while sitting on his knees and kept silent. Immediately Parker, Blake, and I couldn’t hold our laughs in any longer, they quickly came out.
With their phones still out, and our laughs continuing, Carter lets out a screaming cry, ¨Shut up!¨.
When we kept laughing, he quickly turned around and griped the remote control, pulling it behind his head and loading to throw it at Blake. Carter forgot that the remote was connected to the console, but still released his shot. The Wii console flew off the t.v set. He continued to cry, turning around and realizing what he did. I stopped laughing after realizing as well. Thoughts in my head were going crazy, did we break the Wii? What will our grandparents think? Making him mad like that wasn’t a good idea. We made his anger bring us joy. Which would make us all in trouble, if we broke the Wii. Parker and Blake ran away to find my other cousins, but I stayed

back to see how the Wii took its fall. Carter remained in place, crying softly. One piece fell off the Wii, but it wasn’t important. While my grandma walked downstairs to see what was wrong, I sat by Carter and apologized. I didn't yell or make him more mad, just sat there.
I finally said, “Carter, don’t worry, everything will be okay.”
He shrugged, staring at the floor.
“I’m sorry, it was me. I was trying to get you mad, so I’m really sorry,” I apologized.
He shrugged once more, mumbling, “It’s okay, I’m sorry for getting mad.”
  I thought a lot about how my actions hurt someone else. People don't realize that hurting others should not bring you joy. Joy comes out over different things, not bringing others down. My brother and I both learned something out of that year. Our anger can make us do bad
things, and that our happiness shouldn't be brought by bringing others down.

The author's comments:

I got this idea from my younger brother, and his and my relationship.

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