Charlie Brown's Lucky Charm

March 24, 2009
By Nayan Patel BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Nayan Patel BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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I woke up at 9:00 am, realizing I had missed an important meeting on 8. I rushed down to the bathroom, but the water just stopped when I was covered in soap. I had to rinse myself with the ice-cold water from the refrigerator.
After this shower, I put on my clothes and went to garage. I put my key in the car, but it didn’t start. I caught a taxi, but had no money to pay. I went to the ATM machine, but it wouldn’t accept my card. I ran all the way to my office. I was late, so my boss fired me from the job.
That is how my life was going. I am Charlie Brown: college-educated, unmarried, and unemployed. I went to a Smith Architect Inc. firm to look for work. I went to the receptionist to ask if the Mr. Smith, the owner of the firm, was in his office, but suddenly she started to sob. I got scared and rushed to another person to ask about Mr. Smith, but this man also started sobbing and then he finally said that Mr. Smith died because of a heart attack. I could not run away at this time because Mr. Smith made an advance check for me to get it today, so I asked the man about it, but he started to cry again.
I caught a taxi, and went home feeling very embarrassed. As I was watching the TV, the electricity suddenly went down. I felt very angry at God because of all these wrong things going on with me. I wanted to break the TV. As I was picking up the TV, suddenly the electricity went up and an advertisement came up of a fortune teller saying if you have any problems with your life, children, or marriage, contact the address and phone number on the TV. I wrote the number down and the address. The name of the fortune teller was Abra-Ka-Dabra.
I went to her the next day and told her about the problems that I am facing. She looked in her fortune-telling ball. A white ball, the size of a basketball, it turned red when she started to see something. I asked her if my future will take a turn for the better and she said yes. She said that a girl would come in life to change my future. I asked, “How will I find her?” and she said, “Her name will start with letter E and whenever something goes perfect when a girl is near you with the name that starts with letter E, then that is her.”
“Thank you Abra-Ka-Dabra,” I said. I gave her $10 and went to my home.
The next day, I drove my old rusty Ford to another firm for a job. As I was taking a turn on the street, a car appeared, speeding in front of my car. I had to make a shot break before the accident happens. I got out of the car and told her that if I did not make a break than both of our cars would get crash. While I had been quarreling to her, we heard a sound, Boom!!!! A painter dropped his color bucket on a car and that is where I was going to park my car, but because this girl I was safe from that paint bucket. One day, I was trying to put my credit card in the ATM machine, but the machine won’t accept it and because of that a line of people were standing to use the ATM machine. A girl came inside of the store to check out what the problem was and I found out that it was her; the same girl with the accident and the paint bucket. She took my card and tries to put it in and the machine accepted the card. I started to believe that the girl Abra-Ka-Dabra was taking about is this girl who saved me from the paint bucket and helped me out with my credit card.

First, she doesn’t like to even tell me her name, but later on we introduced ourselves and I found out that her name started with the letter E. Her name was Elizabeth Carol. She was very beautiful, kind, and intelligent woman I have ever met. We dated each other and spend more time watching movies and going to different places. After I found Elizabeth, my life started changing and I became prosperous.

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on Oct. 17 2009 at 10:31 pm
Nayan Patel BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Thanks, buddy

on Oct. 13 2009 at 9:19 pm
Nayan Patel BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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I like how you started

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