How I Met My Boyfriend

June 7, 2017

Hi, my name is Lindsey.  I’m going to tell you about how I met my boyfriend.  It all started about a year ago when I met this boy.  He sat next to me on the bus.  He tried to talk to me but I kept brushing him off.  He said I was cute.  To be honest, I didn’t even like him. I thought he was childish and immature but he was very persistent at trying to get my number.  I didn’t want to give it to him because then he would think I liked him.  Which I didn’t.  But there was something about him that kept my attention.  I think it was the fact that no matter how much I ignored him, he wouldn’t give up.  As we continued to talk, I found out that he goes to the same school as me which was weird because I had never seen him before and I don’t go to a big school but, I let it slide because he was in a different grade.  He was a sophomore and I was a freshman. We were three stops away from my and he was still going.  I decided to just give him my number, but only because I didn’t want him to feel bad and let all that hard be for nothing. Oh, and if you’re wondering why I have told you his name.  It’s because I wasn’t listening when he introduced his self to me which later became a problem.  Later that night, I got a text from a number that I’ve never seen before.  It said “Hi this is Tyler”.  I replied “Who?”.  He said “This is the boy from the bus”.  I felt so bad that I had forgot his name.  He must have felt so embarrassed.  I talked to him for a little bit, but then I remembered that I didn’t like him.  So, I told him I was going to bed and that I would talk to him tomorrow.  But I didn’t.  The next day, he texted me good morning and goodnight, but I ignored it.  He did every day for about a week until we bumped into each other in the lunch room.  He asked me why I hadn’t text him back.  I just told him that I had been so busy with finals that I hadn’t had time and that I would text him tonight.  He seemed to be satisfied with my answer and ok.  Then he walked away.  When I got home that night I texted him.  I waited a whole ten minutes for him to text me back then I started to get mad.  But then I thought about how long I took me to text back.  After about an hour, he texted me.  He asked me how my day was and how my finals went.  He told me that he was starting to think that he should just give up on me because it had been so long.  I told him that maybe one day I would start to like him, but for now we were just friends and he was ok with that.  We continued to talk for at least five hours.  During that time, he told me why he was on the bus that day he saw me.  It turns out that wasn’t even his bus.  He said that he saw me on his way out of school and I was so beautiful that he had to try to get my number and he did.  He rode a whole 20min in the wrong direction just to talk to me.  And he DRIVES to school!  I found this very flattering and cute.  At the end of our conversation, he asked if he could sit with me at the lunch and I said ok.  Afterwards, I found myself still thinking about him.  I reminded myself that I still didn’t like him, but then I thought about how cute he was.  He was one of those naturally fit people who didn’t need to work out in order to have a nice body.  Then I thought, why am I not giving this boy a chance.  He’s cute, He cares about me and he drives.  We could go to the mall and not have to carry our stuff home on the bus.  And with that, for the first time.  I found myself actually liking him.

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