March 22, 2009
By sam emas BRONZE, Miami, Florida
sam emas BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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The only separation that differentiates us from angels is an apple. A confusing parable it may seem now; this statement reveals more once you peel the skin.
From the apple seed thrives the apple; from the apple thrives emotion; and from emotion thrives the distinction between humanity and angels. Justification for such a theory is supported by your thoughts right at this moment. They are thoughts that rest in your emotions. Those emotions that only humanity feels.
Before the apple, there was blissful ignorance. A state of mind where apathy was the only thought and sunsets rendered light but not love. People roamed without destination and interacted without purpose. There was no reason. No punishment. No benefit. The incentive of life was non-existent because death was non-existent. Life offered nothing more than time. There was no hate, but there was no love. There was no hunger but there was no satisfaction. There was no pain, but there was no ecstasy. When life never ends; it never truly begins.
In that blissful ignorance, we were there. We roamed, we existed, but we did not live. We were conscious with our heads while our heart remained dormant. Our emotions laid tucked away in the seed of an apple. And its harvest had come.
Out of a landscape of impassiveness, emotion had risen. Not of ours, but of the one who slithered in front of us. He talked to us of life. Of emotion. Of experiencing instead of seeing.
“All it takes is curiosity.” He said.
“But curiosity is an emotion.” We responded. “And our indifference doesn’t allow us to understand.”
Our ignorance shielded us from his knowing but we listened anyway. Not out of curiosity, but out of listening. For listening and seeing was all that we had done prior, all that we understood. We listened to what one said and we did it.
So to he who slithered we did listen, to he who slithered we did obey. Because he talked. Because he was there. We did so now because we had always done so before. Obeyed.
Once we sunk our teeth into the apple, we began to taste it. Not just eat it, not just bestow a stomach that never filled. No. We began to taste every atom of the apple nipping and sapping upon every teeth they touched. Our heart rushed and panicked at the same time and we didn’t know if this was his doing or ours.
We took another bite. And the taste seeped through the entire body and we began to notice even more things than before. We felt the grass dance between each toe and we could count each blade that scratched upon the skin. We felt the warmth that the sun walked upon our faces.
And with each bite we began to lose that unknowing and started to notice everything change in front of us. Colors became vibrant; blacks became blacker and whites whiter. We could see further and noticed that the sky had dark clouds, too. We felt the soreness of our legs and the relaxation that came with sitting down.
And we noticed ourselves. The flesh so open. And obvious. We felt ashamed and embarrassed, but we took another bite. We began to feel our skin burn from the sun and our feet blister from the bareness of walking, but we took another bite. We began to look at each other and wonder what the other thought. We were scared and insecure and we ran away because so. But we took another bite.
The apple was not done but we were. Done from the apathy, the ignorance, the not knowing.
We were afraid, we were upset, but we were full.

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