The Impossible Silence

May 31, 2017

“Happy Birthday to you ,Happy Birthday to K’darius” is being sung by my family as a smile wraps around my face ,It is my sixteenth birthday and all i can think about was how this year was gonna be different from any year in my life .I was gonna be more about my business and taking care of my family ,and Making sure my mom never had to work a day in her life .Everyone was sitting around the table eating cake , my mom , my sister , my big cousin ,my aunt's and little cousins.We never really get a chance to spend time together as a family like this because my mom juggles two jobs and my auntie is always busy working,cleaning, and taking care of her twins .So when we do spend time together it´s priceless and every moment matters .My cousin,Aiden and I hang out everyday, so we are not caught up in the whole family not spending time together.In Fact, we spend way too much time together ,i’m tired of seeing him.Aiden is  older than me and in a higher grade than me but he acts like he's younger than me by the way he jokes around and tries to be a class clown. but I'm not trying to get wrapped up in all that because I'm trying to graduate as soon as possible.Living in the south part of Charlotte it’s not to much to get into but hang out with my gang . It’s always been me ,Aiden , Jizzle (who real name is Brandon),and Jakiel .This dude named Tabari just moved into our neighborhood, so he’s been hanging with us but something seem off about him. he always hollering about how savage he is but before he moved to our neighborhood we had never heard of him . Anyone who is making moves around CLT we know about it through  Facebook ,Instagram and Twitter. Him and Aiden been beefing since the day Tabari came around and it’s almost everyday they going back and forth over stupid stuff .But anyways ,Me and Gang have  been hanging out everyday for the past few weeks missing days off school together because we don’t know anything that’s going on in any of them classes.We go to DUB C better known as West Mecklenburg High School ,where some of the teachers don’t care about you or where you will sleep that night .This is my Junior year and i’m ready to get up out of there and graduate so that I can get out of Charlotte and give my family a better life .

Today  ,me and the boys decided we’re gonna skip school and link up at the Mcdonalds near our house so we can figure out the moves for today. it’s Tuesday and it’s suppose to be seventy degrees outside so i’m not trying to sit up in no school hearing no teacher run they mouth about stuff i don’t even understand .I get to the Mcdonald’s first which is weird because aiden left out the house thirty minutes before i did ; he probably went to go meet up with his girl . Since i’m first to get here i order everybody food and rest up on the counter until they call my number. Ten minutes later the food is still not ready and i think i just saw Jakiel and Jizzle pull up in their momma car but they haven’t came in yet . A few seconds later Jizzle ,Jakiel,Tabri , and Aiden come in  laughing and joking. I notice that me and Tabri are both wearing the yellow Dub shirts the school handed out at the pep rally last Friday , but i totally forget about it once i seen my cousin’s face.His face was red from being angry and you could see the veins aching to come out his neck .I had never seen Aiden so mad before so I walked over to them , I ask everybody, 
“what yall laughing at ?”
“these two started fighting in the backseat pointing at Tabari and Aiden.” said Jizzle .
Aiden walked off looking careless but defeated.
I told Jizzle to grab our food while i go over and see wassup with aiden , i walk over and his face instantly turns red , “ im telling you Tabari better leave me alone or it's gonna be worse than a punch to the face. He gone end up in the hospital if he keep trying me.  i'm telling you now “ said Aiden .”Aye just chill aiden.  He not as tough as be claiming to be .he just want some street cred, i said .” Aiden face started to go back to his natural light skin baby face , and i knew he took what i said seriously .We sat there and talked for a couple more minutes before Jizzle and the gang walked over with the food and drinks .We all talked about how school was annoying ,getting our parent’s out the hood , and leaving charlotte for good when we got older for a couple hours before we decided we was gone chill at my house for the day since my momma is  always at work ,it’s easier for us to skip there anyway .

As soon as we got to my house,  I cut on 2k17 and grabbed us some snacks from the pantry and we chilled all day until three . At three everybody went home so their mom’s would suspect a thing , i ended up falling asleep in the corner of my bed while Aiden ended up falling asleep on the floor watching Martin .When i woke up aiden was gone and i had seven texts messages and 17 missed calls. All from friends and family asking if i knew where Aiden was because somebody who looked like him had gotten shot on the next street over from our apartments. i hurried up and jumped out of bed and threw on my bed room shoes and ran outside. As i lock my front door i grab my phone from out of my pocket and make a call to my mom but she doesn’t answer and neither does my aunt .Feeling alone ,I start to think about the what if’s and caution myself before i become emotional about something i don’t even know if it’s true or not .Police cars sped down the street like they were racing and i ran after them preparing  myself for what i could see when i made to the other neighborhood .I got there and saw crime scene tape everywhere around a lifeless body lying in the middle of the street with the same Jordan’s aiden had on earlier . When i look over , I saw tabari running across the parking lot.  The police yells “ That’s Him!!!!!” Instead of running towards Tabri the cops come up to me and begin to wrap cuffs around my arms ,while reading my rights.”What ? It wasn’t me ! That’s my cousin , I would never kill him!” Confused and Scared,  I look over at Tabari ,Remembering that we have on the same shirt. He just looks with this evil smirk on his face and bursts out in fake tears and from that moment on i knew it was aiden and i knew he killed him . My mom and aunt rushed to the scene with tears filled in their eyes not knowing what was going on , still in shock of the situation. My whole family gathered around the crime scene hugging and praying while I  sat inside the police car with silence that was impossible to get rid of . My best friend was gone and I couldn’t bring him back. It was the end for Aiden and Tabari , but it wasn’t the end of Me and Tabari . He would see me again and it wouldn’t be something he would forward to .

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