An Unexpected Visit

March 20, 2009
By Damon Henry BRONZE, Westfield, New Jersey
Damon Henry BRONZE, Westfield, New Jersey
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Out of the school bus the second grader stepped, and he walked to the door of the house. Knock, knock, knock. Expecting his mom to open the door, he waited on the top stair of the patio. Yet, instead of either of his parents, it was young man who had very white skin and bald hair. He was younger than even his dad. He gave the boy a laugh.

“Hello, boy,” he said in a weird voice. “I am Eugene. Your name’s Darrel, right?”

“My mom calls me Darry,” the boy said to the man.

“So Darry,” Eugene said. “Don’t mind the knife. Your mother kept it safe and hidden in a very secret place in her room where you can’t find it. With this knife, she would have killed you for eating too much junk food because she is a cannibal and you don’t know it.”

“What does ‘cannibal’ mean again?” Darry asked.

“Never mind that. You don’t have to know,” Eugene said. “You may walk in.” Darry walked in the house and Eugene made a little laugh.

When he went to the kitchen to grab a snack, Darry saw what he couldn’t believe seeing: Burger King Big Kids’ Meals took all the space of the kitchen table. When Eugene saw this, he told, “Eat these burgers and fries before you do your homework!!”

Chomp. Chomp. Gulp. Yummy. Darry ate almost every good-tasting burger and fry, until he was full. Without a care in the world about his homework as usual, he got ready to go to bed.

As he was getting ready to put on his pajamas, he suddenly saw someone else in the mirror. Because he was eating all of these hamburgers, a fat boy was staring back at him in the mirror. Not paying attention to his reflection, he put on his pajamas and brushed his teeth.

When he walked to bed, Eugene suddenly yelled, “Why did you eat the burgers? You weren’t supposed to do that!”

“B-b-but you said I could have them!” Darry cried.

“You weren’t- I made a mistake!” wailed Eugene. “Everybody makes mistakes! Now go to bed!”

So Darry went to bed while Eugene just left and slammed the door. Darry tried to sleep, but he was so mad at Eugene, he couldn’t sleep. He tried to listen to music on his radio, but even that wouldn’t get him to sleep. So, he quietly crept out of bed to get some water….

Darry tiptoed quietly so he wouldn’t disturb anybody. When he passed the bathroom, another weird voice said, “… butch (What did that mean?) the cow, cook it, and then you got a delicious meal!” He also heard a snicker from Eugene too. After that happened, he went on to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

When he got his cup, Darry filled the cup with water from the faucet. Just when he sipped from the cup, Eugene ran from the bathroom. Trying to run down the steps, he tripped and fell down. OH! Yeow! OUCH! Those were what the man said as he fell down. Then he yelled fast, “I wanted to… KILL YOU FOR YOUR FAT!”

He ran as fast as he can to Darry with the dagger. Darry ran as fast as he could to escape. Eugene tried to stab him and stab him with the dagger, but Darry got away from them. Darry found the phone and called 911 the minute he got the phone, Eugene trying to stab at Darry. Finding that there was one bag of burgers left, he decided to eat a burger himself. Luckily for Darry, Eugene ate slowly to actually enjoy the flavor of the burger. With that time, Darry explained everything to the operator that happened from when he got home to now. When Darry was done talking to the operator, Eugene finished his burger. When he was eating his fries, he asked, “Will you finish my fries?”

“Never!” was Darry’s answer. “I won’t have some person trying to kill me offer me any fries!” He then ran as fast as possible to the living room while Eugene just ran upstairs. After a while of hiding under the couch, Darry came upstairs. Just when he was about to use the bathroom, something sharp was swiped and cut his shirt and the side of his belly. He looked to see that Eugene, that evil villain actually cut him with the dagger. Screaming, Darry ran back downstairs to the living room. The siren of a police car was heard as he went downstairs. The door opened with the police and an ambulance waiting in front of his house.

Two police officers quickly filed in and caught the criminal with the dagger and pushed him down to the floor. Next, another police officer took his dagger and put handcuffs on his hands. “You’re under arrest!” one of the police officers told Eugene. Then they took him out straight into the car.

Next, someone from the ambulance came with a first-aid kit and wrapped a bandage around Darry’s waist to keep him from bleeding anymore. Then, Darry finally went to bed, tired from the running he had to do to keep himself from being attacked. This time, he finally slept and dreamed of good things.

The next day, everything went back to normal around the house except the meals his mom cooked were healthier. Also, some new security systems, as his mom called it, were put next to the front and back doors to keep thieves and kidnappers from coming in the house. Darry didn’t know why there were security systems next to the windows, but, there were no more burglars in the house. So, Darry and his family were safe and happy from the burglars that could intrude.

The author's comments:
This is my first published short story.

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