The Innocence of a Child

May 20, 2017
By Anonymous

A naive young girl received several balloons on her birthday. She let go of some of the balloons, and they ascended into the air. The moment her little hands released the balloons an instant feeling of regret and sadness consumed her. The girl refused to accept that the balloons are not eternal objects. She clung on to the hope that some things last forever. One day, she came home to see vacant balloons that lay pitifully on the ground. This moment was her first step into the realization that nothing lasts forever. On the brink of puberty, the girl recalled her childhood memories. She discerned that she had the same level of comprehension of the world as her six-year-old self. All she did was upgrade from balloons to relationships. As she matured, she let go of many relationships; she felt the painful sting of guilt and regret in the depths of her heart every time. Then, there were the relationships that faded into nothing. She never contemplated that there would be a discontinuation to these people in her life. She attached herself to these people with all of her heart and soul. However, one by one, they left her alone. This indescribable loneliness caused her heart to feel ripped and shredded. There is one difference between her youth and present. As a child, she was innately open to love and life. As a “mature” adult, she has remained isolated from the world and barricaded herself from any chance of love or even a microscopic form of happiness.

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