Short Story: The Year of 2084

May 19, 2017
By Anonymous

The sun is burning against my skin as I lay on the ground by the sliding glass door soaking in all its rays. My dog Thumper is laying down next to me rolling around on his backside craving my attention. All of a sudden I hear a loud rumble and everything shakes, as if the entire planet just hit some turbulence. My little brother, Caleb, runs into the living room and screams to turn on the tv. The newscaster announces that hundreds of natural disasters are taking place all over the world. He explains that due to the pollution of CO2, the world as we know it may come to an end. Right as these words are slipping out of his quivering lips, I feel the entire building shake and I can hear people screaming. All of a sudden the constant sound of yelling and car horns stop and are replaced with screams of sheer terror. I run to the balcony and to my right there is a massive wall of water tearing down New York City. Luckily we live on the top floor, so our lives were not in immediate danger, but watching all the people running for their lives and screaming only to be swept up by the rumbling water. I yell for Caleb to come to me and when he sees the water he screams and tries to start running for the front door. I run out and grab him before he can make it and yell, “what the hell are you doing!” In tears he mutters,
   “Mom and Dad are on their way home. They were down there.”
At this point we are both crying and wondering what will become of our lives. Wondering what will become of this world. Everything we have spent our lives doing means nothing. The newscaster says that after all the disasters settle down, the whole planet will either become engulfed in water, or the next ice age will start. Caleb and I sit on the couch in silence for the next ten minutes, in complete awe of the situation at hand. All of a sudden we hear the door open and our parents step through the doorway. We scream with joy and run to grab them bombarding them with questions of their survival. But before they could explain, everything started freezing solid. My dad yelled to grab things made from paper to burn as he started to set a fire in the fireplace. We ran through and closed all the windows and hanging blankets over them in hopes of keeping in as much heat as possible. This was the start to something awful. Our world will never be the same.
    As the months went by, everything just got colder and colder and we slowly learned how to survive in the weather. The hardest part was leaving to find supplies. We had to be fast, warm, and careful to get the things we need to survive like food, water, and things to burn in the fire. Time just kept going on as slowly as ever and our entire lives just became about survival. Everything we spent our lives doing wasn’t worth it because we will never be the same again. This was the dawn of a new time, the dawn of the next Ice Age.

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