The Grasshopper

May 18, 2017
By alexandrafolts BRONZE, Palatiine, Illinois
alexandrafolts BRONZE, Palatiine, Illinois
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“Dinner is ready, Alexandra!” yelled my Mom from the kitchen.

  I placed Summer, my absolute favorite Barbie doll, on the plush carpet and rushed out of my bedroom. Did Mom make chicken nuggets tonight? I sure hope she did. I galloped down the wooden staircase, and almost slipped due to my pink and purple polka dot fuzzy socks. Oopsies! I shuffle into the kitchen and plop myself in front of my favorite Ariel princess plate. My Mom walks over and places a large serving of sizzling Tyson’s chicken nuggets with a side of honey mustard on my dinner plate. I can't wait to eat!

     “Thanks Mom, I love chicken nuggets!” I blurt out while scarfing down my food.

     “Of course sweetie, just don't eat with your mouth full.” she replied. 

   I suck down the rest of my apple juicy juice with a pink bendy straw. I continue to munch on the warm and golden nuggets. Man, are they yummy! With each bite, I glance out of the kitchen window. There goes all of the big kids, playing outside again. I wished I was cool enough to play with them. They loved to play fun games in the cul de sac, like “ten-ball”, a mix between tennis and baseball, and even ghost in the graveyard, my favorite game of the two. Our elderly next door neighbors liked to yell at the big kids for the occasional ball rolling onto their lawn, but the big kids just didn't care. Matt, my stinky older brother, always reminds me that I am too young to play with the big kids. He thinks I should stick to barbies, or my littlest pet shop. Well guess what? Matt is a big fat liar! I am NOT a baby. I'm a big girl that wants to have fun with the big kids! I finish eating the rest of my dinner.

      “Mom, is it okay if I go and play outside?” I ask.

      “Yes, just make sure to wear bug spray cutie,” my Mom smiles. “You know how much those bugs love to bite you!”

   I put my princess plate in the dishwasher. I don't want Mom yelling at me again for not cleaning up. It makes me feel like a stormy cloud whenever she yells at me. I go to tie up my brand new light up Sketchers. They are white and light up rainbow every time I stomp!  I give my Mom a big warm hug and open my garage. The sun is shining a vivid yellow outside, with beams of orange. It warms my whole body. I take my magenta razor scooter on the sidewalk and see the big kids out of the corner of my eye, sitting in a circle. Why aren't they playing ten-ball? Or freeze-tag? I scoot closer to them, and can't help but stare at what they are doing. All of the big kids were surrounded by Nick, who is holding a big circle of glass. I can't think of what it was called, we used them in Mrs.Hagel’s class last year. I sound it out. I know it has a “g” sound in it somewhere. That's right, it is a magni-flying glass! I jump off of my scooter, and approach the big kids.

     “Whatcha guys doing with that magni-flying glass?” I shly ask.

     “It's a magnifying glass, stupid.” Nick sticks his tongue out at me.

     “You're too much of a baby to understand!” Carl, one of other big kids, yells at me.

  I feel anger bubble up inside of me. My heart starts to pump like Thomas the Train, pushing up the big hill. I am NOT a baby. I am a big girl. I am a GROWN UP. I'm going to play with them whether they like it or not!

     “I am a big kid that wants to play with you guys!” I snap. “Now let me see what you guys are doing!”

     “Whatever baby, I guess you can play with us.” Nick smirks.

They let me into their circle, and I feel my tummy start to hurt. What are they doing? Why are they doing this? I look down and see a small green grasshopper being burned to death by Nick and his magnifying glass. I hear the grasshopper scream while its entire body is extinguished into flames. I didn't know that bugs could scream. I feel a warm tear roll down my face, as I witness all of the big kids laughing at the event. I don't like this one bit. I don't want to be a big girl. I just want to play with my barbies and my little pet shop. I stand up and leave the circle.

     “I knew it! You're such a baby.” spits out Nick.

I run across the street as fast as I can, with my Sketchers lighting up at every stride. I run into my kitchen, and hug my Mom,

     “Mom, I don't want to grow up!” I sob.

     “Alexandra, it's all part of life. You'll always be my little girl.” my Mom says as she gives me a kiss on my forehead.

  A part of me inside truly hoped that was true, but deep down I knew that it was inevitable. I couldn't be a little girl and play with the big kids. One had to go. There was no choice. I think the part of me that left that day was the part that loved to play with her barbie doll Summer, and her polly pockets. The one that loved dipping her chicken nuggets in honey mustard, and watching Spongebob after dinner. I was not a little girl anymore, as much as I wish I was.

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