A Morning in the Life of Grace

May 26, 2017
By Desertflower BRONZE, Billings, Montana
Desertflower BRONZE, Billings, Montana
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Sitting in the rumbling truck, Grace shifted nervously. Fingers wringing and palms rubbing in her lap. "I'm going to be late!" She thought. If only the bathroom hadn't flooded this morning. Earlier, when she had gotten out of the shower she didn't notice the new curtain, non-plastic and supposedly water proof, apparently didn't do its job. The bath mat had been wet, but she didn't think it had spilled that much! When they were ready to head out the door, water started dripping from above the kitchen bar light fixture. That had been a shock, but thankfully not literally. Grace was bumped out of her thoughts when Jax, her guardian, ask where she thought the soup kitchen was. "All I see is a skate rink, it should be here!" Jax exclaimed. Grace looking around, spotted a small building just off to the right of the skate rink. It had a man with a dirty, white, apron standing out front smoking and some cars parked close by. "Could that be it?" Grace asked. Pointing to show and direct, towards the little building. "That thing!?" Jax replied in an incredulous voice. "That place looks all sorts of sketchy!" Still muttering, she pulled into a parking space. Getting out of the car they were met with the gruff man asking what they needed. Jax decided to do the talking and ask him if this was the soup kitchen. He nodded saying, “Follow me." and put out his smoke.  Grace followed them inside, wondering how this place even housed a soup kitchen. It was so small!  They finally walked across the floor towards where they could see the kitchen. They met a very haggard looking woman and introduced themselves. "Nice to meet you, I'm Dottie and I run this soup kitchen. Welcome to the team Grace, come around and we can get ya an apron and get started." she said. Before Grace went around back Jax pulled her aside. "Now Grace, work hard, be polite, and most importantly....don't let any homeless guys hit you up!" she said all of this with a straight face. "Jax!" Grace shout whispered, face twisting in embarrassment. The older woman only laughed as she made her way out of the building. Well, it most certainly couldn't be any more nerve wracking. Thanks Jax, thanks. She smiled, her guardians joke had helped her not feel so nervous about volunteering here.

The author's comments:

This work is actually based off of what happened to me one day. 

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