The American Dream

May 15, 2017
By Anonymous

On a normal sunny day in durango mexico, the streets are dry, the kids are laughing. But in one house a family of 4. Jose and his parents and little sister live in a small house with one bed room. Jose and their family grew up poor, Jose is the age of 19 years old, jose is in and out of jail. Latest incident that happened was that jose was out one night with his friend drinking and doing many different types of drugs , his friends and him decide to go in many different houses and rob them. There was so much problems being caused by jose for his family. Joses dad was 42 years old who works out on a field cutting trees. No matter how poor this family was, the dad tried everything he could for his family, everything so he could but food on the table. Jose’s dad biggest dream was to have a bigger home, with many farm animals . Jose knew the things he was doing bad. Was in the middle of hanging out was gang members and was a drug addict.
One day on a rainy night, joses mom was out in the window just like every other night at 2, 3 , 4 am waiting for her son to arrive. Suddenly four big black DEA trucks arrive (mexico’s federal police)  right in from of the house, they all get of the truck’s bursting in to the house with many armied police . This point everyone is awake, there looking for her son Jose who was in big trouble for robbery and jose and his friends were currently seen with a big gang members who are wanted . jose’s mom was very scared, with the dad telling them they having seen him. The DEA told the family that if they see him they will need to turn him in right away , if they don’t they will be turned in together. Jose was at the point where he was out of control out partying with many different bad people, making not so good choices , was a drug addict. The one way jose’s dad could think of to help his son was by sending jose with his uncle who lives in el Paso Texas. 
7:33 am and jose is barely getting home, as he walks in , he's dads off to work, his mom look so tired and miserable with no sleep. Jose stops , sees his family so worried by the look on her face. The mom runs to her son and hugs him so tight , shes like they are looking for you son, what are you gonna do now . The dad sees him from the door, jose’s dad calls jose over as his heading to work. “Son, said dad, i think it's best if you go to the USA with her uncle , they have a lot of work over there, get away from here, what if they DEA gets you? What you gonna do?” Jose stays quit. Jose suddenly looks up “ dad i’m sorry, said jose,”I'm Sorry,  i have made you and mom’s lives miserable the past years, i am going to fix his for you too and of course my little sister”. I will do this i am going to the el Paso , ill work so hard for “THE AMERICAN DREAM” Dad you and mom will get that house you guys always wanted, you'll get the farm animals you always wanted . Then you will never need to work again” Jose and his dad start to cry and began to hug.
Days later , May 8 2017 Jose cross the United states border . El Rio Bravo.
After 24 hours of crossing finally makes it pass the rio bravo and has now arrive to his uncle's house. It takes a bit of time before jose finally gets used to the fact he will no longer be doing drugs or will get in trouble with the law it's all about the dream he wants and to make his family back at home very proud. It was long before he was sent with his other uncles in North Dakota where he began to work out on the oil field’s. Working long hours up to 12 hours a day and in the rain, snow sun. was definitely different from mexico and by the time  he was home from work he wanted to rest, it kept him busy and away from the trouble.

Years have pass by he’s now been in the USA for 9 years he has definitely living the dream he wanted, his family back at home now have new built home, the animals his dad wanted , but there was one problem going on and that jose’s dad is sick, lately he's been getting worse   , jose doesn’t know if he should go see him doesn't know if he's ready to go back. On one long day after work jose got a call from back at home , from his mother saying that his dad is at a bad point now. Doctors said he wouldn’t be able to make it very long anymore. Jose was in tears for hours and hours . After hours of thinking and thinking jose finally came to a thought that he's ready to go back, he will surprise his family back at home. Later that night jose takes a bus from el paso texas to mexico. It was an 13 hour bus ride back him. The whole time jose was on the bus back home he had many thoughts to start going through his head, “what if they don’t welcome me the same way i used to be, what if they don’t remember me.” said jose. The closer he was arriving home the more nervous he was getting.

“Finally after 9 years of been away from home , back to the place i belong, the place i grow up,  the streets are dry, the kids are laughing.” Jose took a cab from the bus station to his new house  that was 5 mins away. He felt weird riding down the streets he once used to walk down, he was nervous but happy to get home. There was just something that was stopping him, something didn't seem right. Once he got to his house he saw some much people there , he was worried. “ i walked right inside my doors my aunts uncles were all there my cousins my old friends so many people i didn't even know  , i was confuse cause this was all a surprise i wasn’t sure why everyone was here,” said jose. He continued to walk down the long hall as people sitting on chairs and people in tears people look like they haven't had sleep, “finally i see my mother sitting outside of a room as she's in tears and many other people around her, that's the moment i knew something was wrong”   “ as i got closer to my mother , her head was down and i pull up behind her” said jose. “ look up “ said jose’s aunt. “ my mother looks up to me, she burst in tears and gets right up and hugs me so tight like she's never hold me so tight” “ missed you so much “ said mother. “ where is my father i can’t i need to see him is he okay?” how is he feeling lately?” said jose.  “ he’s in there, right in this room” said mother. “ The second i looked right into the room, my heart drops, i began to felt weak, my heart was beating so fast.” said jose. Jose walked right into the room , the worse thing that could ever happen just happened. In the room was a casket open where my father was laying on, so many candles surrounded. “ My Father’s death brought me to my knees. He was my hero, my role model, my best friend. I spoke to him every single day of my life. I really tried hard when i grew up to make him very very very proud of me”.

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