I witness the Greatest crime

May 10, 2017
By Anonymous

I didn’t think that it would change my life or the way I think, but I turned out to be more affected by it than I had thought. It began like a day no other, quiet and peaceful in the woods where I lived. But, this was soon to change. I felt that this event in my life would make or break me. This event changed how I think of the world. It was the the most amazing day of my life; it was the greatest crime in the world.

I was an unloader and loader at Olympic Steel, but something changed after I witnessed the crime. My life went down in a spiral downfall. I lost my girlfriend, and my job. My girl and I always ate burgers, it was kind of are thing to do . But Dare Burgers went out of business and she left me. O, how I miss Belle Tacito. All I had left was the traps and my house. I secretly took long walks on my neighbor’s farm like a sad old man or something.

Before things went bad, I was driving down past the creek to look at my traps. That's when my old sheds door open. I thought I seen something move. I am going to give you all a second to guess what it was. It was a person in the dark i couldn’t see him or her real good but i knew something was up.

  So I walked up their an open up the door but there was nothing there but then their was a woman came up behind me. The woman looked like she was a bum but their was nothing in the shed so I was confused. I thought she was going to steal something, but there was nothing she could steal.

She asked if I could help her and I was trying to be helpful you know. I went and pick up some tools for her. She said something was wrong with her car so i went and helped her. I went  and the car was a rusted up taxi cab. Well I was looking to see what was wrong, while I was doing that she was telling me about how she needs this car and it is the only thing she gots for income, you know the basics.

Well I founded the problem I thought the alternator was out but instead a spark plug was loose. That when it happened i heard something moving around in the back. I really didn't pay any attention to it though. Until it got louder I thought maybe she had a dog or cat somewhere in the back seat that I can't see the animals.

But it just kept happening after a couple of minutes you could hear it moving and and hitting things. The women started staring at me more intensely. I slipt by and I was going to start the car and “accidently” open the trunk. At that moment someone popped the trunk and it was just a couple of bowling balls.

Well her and I were sitting there talking, when she looked at me and said, “You want to come to my house for something to eat?”. I wasn't trying to be rude, so accorse I said yes. Well we drove a long way down through them there hollers.

We finally made it to her house which was a cabin in the woods. How iconic was that right. Okay but we started walking it look like no one has lived in this place for years . I went in and she told me to sit down. She didn't look like the person to live off the land, you know.

Something was off, I could feel it in my guts either that or the food she gave me. After that I got nervous something was up and I don't know what it is but that girl was strange.
We  sat their for ever before we knew it, it was dark. I asked here for a ride home. This is when it happened. We were going down the rode when this deer ran out in front of us. She slammed on the breaks. Bam!!!!! It wasn't the deer, it was a dead body that went out from under the seats. So kept on going down the road. Before I knew it, I was bearing a body. The women called the cops and said that I did it all. I went to jail for a long time. This was the thing that ruined my life. You think the court system is correct. Well look an innocent man went to jail. With no proof he did it.

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