Life Lesson Learned Between Two Best Friends

May 17, 2017
By Jackie123 BRONZE, Berthoud, Colorado
Jackie123 BRONZE, Berthoud, Colorado
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Sarah and Vanessa have been best friends but not for the longest yet the trust between them is very strong and they can easily tell each other anything and everything that is going on in their lives. To the point where Vanessa started telling Sarah some serious situations going on in her life that might’ve been too personal. One of the problems she recently told Sarah has been going on in her for a while now and this problem is money related. Vanessa told Sarah that she was having financial issues with helping her parents pay rent since she has always helped her parents pay rent and just lately it’s been a struggle. Vanessa has a job obviously so that’s why it's mandatory to help pay some bills in the house. But the thing is that Vanessa has been calling in to work a little bit too often just to go spend time with her boyfriend that her parents don’t know about. So she was using work as an excuse to go see her boyfriend meanwhile her parents thought that she had been working all week long. Vanessa really never came across the thought that her paycheck wasn’t going to be the same until the date to pay rent came up to her mind when she was sitting in class one day. So she right away thought about Sarah since she also has a job and Vanessa knows how responsible Sarah is with going to work and everything.

Sarah has been listening to her problems and has always been there to help Vanessa with anything she has needed help with but it’s never been too serious to the point where she's had to help out with some money. This is the first time Vanessa has asked Sarah to help out with some money so Sarah is willing to help out but she seems to find something really weird and suspicious. She starts to think about it without saying anything so she hopefully figures something out. Sarah knew that Vanessa had a boyfriend but Sarah really never knew that Vanessa hadn’t been going to work because she was never told. So things were starting to go already bad, Vanessa was hiding this from Sarah knowing how much Sarah trusts her and she is willing to risk it just for her boyfriend. Vanessa was only thinking about herself and not others while she was doing this knowing she’s hurting the people around her.

Sarah had been working and struggling herself as well as struggling financially. She hardly had money for herself every paycheck she was receiving just to be such a good hearted person and loving person to her best friend. Then the time came when it was time to pay rent at Vanessa’s house and Sarah had to go over to Vanessa’s house to hand her the money she was going to give to Vanessa for her “rent”. Once she went over to Vanessa’s house, she found out that Vanessa’s boyfriend was there too and it already starting to make a little bit of sense to Sarah on why everything was being so suspicious on Vanessa not having enough money to pay rent when she could’ve asked her own boyfriend to help her pay rent but maybe Vanessa was just too shy to tell her own boyfriend and that’s why she relied on her best friend, Sarah.

Once Sarah handed the money over to Vanessa, Vanessa had called her boyfriend over so she can hand the money to him and as she handed the money over she told him, “Here you go babe.” As Sarah saw what Vanessa had done right in front of her eyes, Sarah was so disappointed knowing that Vanessa had let her down like that. Sarah knew that Vanessa would’ve kept the money or handed it over to her parents instead ofher boyfriend because her boyfriend had nothing to do with it in the first place. So Sarah tells Vanessa, “I can’t believe you did this to me. I thought this was for you and guess what? You just lost all of my trust and not only that but our friendship as well. I thought you were better than this and I just wasted time, effort and everything on someone I thought had all of my trust.” Vanessa’s respond to this was, “Well it was your fault for trusting me so much and letting our friendship be so trustworthy.” Making it seem like it was Sarah’s fault just so she feels guilty about what she did and for being such a good hearted person. Sarah just gave up right then and there and the friendship ends as soon as Sarah left Vanessa’s house. 

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