Sounds of Home

May 11, 2017
By kelcee.hardigree BRONZE, Commerce, Georgia
kelcee.hardigree BRONZE, Commerce, Georgia
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At night, when I lay my head to rest, there are a series of sounds that seep through the walls of my room. Pleasant sounds, comforting sounds, sounds that drown out other sounds, and sounds that are scary, but I know not to be afraid.
You don't have to be alarmed when you hear the arguing of the middle-aged couple who live across the street. Don't let your skin shrivel up due to the loud, echoing barks of the dogs who are screaming at the cats and squirrels. The occasional smashing and crackling of logs being thrown into a shallow fire pit. Don't be afraid of the fireworks that go off sometimes even if it's not the holidays. These are merely unpleasant sounds of the night, sounds that you hear when you lay your head to sleep.The sounds that you easily recognize of home.
We are all used to hearing our family members making their rounds at night. You  know that when you hear the clanking of the condiments against the fridge as it slings open, it's just your hungry brother searching for a snack. The echoes of the t.v. at 2:00am don't bother you because it'd be abnormal if you didn't hear the booms and bangs exiting from it. The constant closing of  the bathroom door, and the light switch being flicked on is when you take a deep breath and roll over because it has put a halt in your near slumber. The sounds that you can count on hearing every single evening because these are the sounds of home.
There are soothing sounds of the night, oh yes, the best sounds. The crickets singing their lullabies, and the trees rustling their leaves as they dance along. The croaks of the tree frogs, and the sway of the grass as they are being pushed over by the wind. The infrequent cries of the rain on the roof of this old brick house.The sounds that seep in through your window each night to rock you to sleep. When you can, oh so easily, close your eyes and fall asleep knowing that all is well tonight, in the house you can call home.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece for a class project that I had done at the beginning of my sophmore year. This story is about recongnizing where home is, and how it feels to be comfortable somewhere. I chose to enter this into the contest because it makes an audience smile as they relate to the words and scenerios.  

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