May 8, 2017
By , Ammon, ID

I know you think that by picking up that there blade that everything will be okay,
That all this pain and suffering won’t last another day…
But taking your life away will only continue on everyday, through all the hearts that you have broken.
Don’t let your breath slip away without having spoken these here wounds that have run deeper than any blade.
I know you pray, pray for someone to come to your aide. But here I stand at your side, arms open wide, but still you never come.
My heart wilts at the sight of your tears, for guilt is all that plagues. I know I am not the cause of all that happens, yet it all feels the same.
Let me be your shining knight, let me guide through this dark night. Free you from these cruel entities, for this not your destiny. 
Give me the blade, then we’ll go away, some place far from here.
You’ll be happy for years and years.

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